Sterling M – Crooked River Ranch — 01/04/24

Let It Snow Winnings!

Sterling M. of Salt Lake City, Utah gets a Christmas card from his Grandma Ruth in Crooked River Ranch, Oregon every year. This year, his grandma included a holiday Scratch-it from The Trading Post in each of her far-away family members’ cards – the $10 ticket, Let It Snow.

When Sterling got his holiday card, he scratched the ticket right away. To his shock and awe, the grand prize of $75,000 was revealed. He called his Grandma Ruth right away, who couldn’t believe his luck! Sterling alerted his boss that he was going to need a few days off, and he promptly bought a plane ticket headed for Oregon.

Sterling drove directly from the airport to the Salem Prize Payment Center to claim his $75,000 win! He is contemplating paying off his student loans, putting a down payment on a home, and generally alleviating daily financial stressors. What a great way to start the new year – thanks to Grandma!