Richard K.McMinnville — 07/26/21

The Win that Almost Wasn’t

Richard K. of McMinnville plays Oregon’s Game Megabucks a certain way. “I have been playing these numbers for about year,” Rick said. “They’re a combination of birthdays and anniversaries.”

He also buys his tickets a certain way, one for each drawing, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday; however, the week he won, he had forgotten to buy a ticket.

“Over the weekend I had forgotten to get the Saturday ticket, and we were driving by the 7-Eleven near Linfield College and we stopped to get one,” he said. “I’m glad I did!”

Rick’s routine is to check his tickets with his morning coffee, looking online for the winning numbers, and circling the numbers on his ticket.

“I looked at the numbers and then looked again,” he said. “I have the Lottery app, so I scanned the ticket and the screen blew up with stars and balloons!”

He then woke up his wife, shouting, “You have to get up! I got my numbers! I got all of them!”

Krohn took the $5.8 million jackpot as a 30-year annuity, to be paid annually. He said he and his wife are still planning on what to do with the prize.

“My wife said she is flying first class from now on, that’s really the only thing we have decided on,” he said.