Maricris D – Beaverton — 01/09/24

Jumping for Jackpot Joy

Maricris was playing a little Video Lottery at Elmers in Beaverton when she began chatting with someone who was sitting next to her. They were both playing Fu Dai Lian Lian Panda when suddenly, Maricris watched her new friend hit the Grand Jackpot! The two jumped for joy and shared in the excitement of a big win together.

Inspired by the fun of her friend’s jackpot, Maricris returned to Elmers a few weeks later to try her hand at the same game. Her new friend was there too, but shockingly, it was Maricris’s turn to win! This time she hit the bonus, which turned into her very own Grand Jackpot! Maricris cashed out with a $3,500 ticket and new friend who just might be good luck. To celebrate, she is going to take her nephew out to an extra special lunch for his birthday!