Lyle D – Bandon — 06/23/23

Never Say Never

“Let’s go have a beer,” said Lyle to his wife of 45 years, and so began a story with an ordinary start and an extraordinary ending. On a typical evening, Lyle and his wife headed to the Broken Anchor Bar & Grill at the heart of downtown Bandon. Though he’d never won a Video Lottery jackpot before, Lyle decided to try his hand at the Cats Video Lottery game just for fun. He was just happily enjoying his beer and having a good conversation with his wife when — lo and behold — he hit the jackpot!

Never in a million years did Lyle think he’d win the jackpot. His excitement was off the charts when he pulled the $6,000 cash slip. With this unexpected win and an upcoming wedding anniversary, Lyle said he plans to go on a relaxing cruise with his wife, who means the world to him.