Krystal S – Portland — 05/26/23

Double Delight at the Kenton Club

Krystal S. and KC brought their infectious energy to the Wilsonville Prize Claim Center, where they couldn’t contain their excitement. Just the day before they claimed a jackpot prize of $5,085.00, and today, they returned to claim yet another prize, this time worth $5,000.00! Both of these incredible wins happened at the Kenton Club in Portland while playing their favorite game, “Vamps.”

The happy couple was astonished by the remarkable odds of winning almost the same amount on the same game in the same place. The Kenton Club holds a special place in their hearts as their go-to hangout spot due to its convenient location close to their house.

With their unexpected prize, Krystal and KC have decided to make smart choices — and generous too. They plan to put a portion of their winnings to savings, and they also want to lend a helping hand to their friend who is going through a challenging time.