Jose H – Bend — 06/06/23

Same Game, Same Time, Same Place

Lightning never strikes the same place twice or so the saying goes. Well, that’s not quite the case for Jose. A year ago, Jose played the Wild Witch Video Lottery game at El Rodeo in Bend and won the top prize of $5,100. A year later — almost to the day! — Jose won the same prize playing the same game at the same exact location. It’s easy to see why Jose was all smiles when he came in to claim his prize.

Jose won’t be using his win to celebrate his upcoming birthday. Instead, he plans to save all the prize money for the most magical experience of his life yet — the birth of his baby daughter in August. Double congratulations to the new dad!

Next year, at around the same time, Jose will set aside a budget to play a little Video Lottery at El Rodeo again, making this an annual tradition. And who knows, lightning just might strike the same place for the third time?