Jessica O – Salem — 12/18/23

A Meowy Catsmas Indeed

Initially, Jessica wasn’t excited about the gift-wrapped stack of Meowy Catsmas Scratch-its from her dad. Several years ago, he ended up on the naughty list after giving family members prank lottery tickets directing them to the North Pole to collect their prizes. Jessica suspected another trick.

After scratching off three $10,000 figures on one of the tickets, Jessica called her dad to see if this seeming-win was another one of his jokes. He promised it wasn’t, but Jessica wasn’t convinced. She got in the car, picked him up, and headed to the Safeway where he purchased the tickets. When the clerk scanned the ticket, she knew for sure she had a top prize winner — and her dad got promoted to the nice list in a BIG way. Jessica was thrilled with her holiday win and won’t soon forget what a great gift (real) Scratch-its are!