Jerrod S.White City — 11/15/22

Getting a Second Opinion

Jerrod and his wife live in southern Oregon — White City. After moving to Oregon ten years ago, Jerrod began playing the lottery. He even won a pretty good prize back in 2016. But it had been awhile.

All that changed when Jerrod was playing a Dragonfly Crossword Scratch-it he’d picked up at his local Purple Parrot. Sitting comfortably in his living room, he and his wife were each scratching a few tickets. Jerrod noticed that he’d matched a lot of words on his crossword, but, like many winners, he had a hard time believing what he was seeing.

Luckily, Jerrod had the Oregon Lottery app on his phone, so he scanned the ticket. That’s when the app launched animated balloons and confetti to indicate a win. But even that wasn’t enough for Jerrod! He had his wife scan the ticket too. The same response finally convinced Jerrod that he indeed had a winner — a top prize winner of $100,000!

With his check in hand from the prize claim center, Jerrod is finally letting himself dream of what to do with this win. Seeing is believing, after all!