Forrest T.Gresham — 07/16/20

Sixth Time’s a Charm

As a construction worker, Forrest has been awfully busy lately. Road construction projects have ramped up over the past several months, and that’s how Forrest makes his living. But this Gresham resident still has time to enjoy a bit of lottery fun. He’s a big fan of Keno. In fact, he hit the 7-spot five times last year, winning $1,750 each time. Quite a streak!

But on a recent Friday night, Forrest picked up a Keno ticket at the Tobacco Outlet in Gresham. On Saturday morning he returned to check his ticket and discovered he had a $20 win. And with those $20, he decided to buy another set of 100 numbers. Why not?

That very evening Forrest saw that the Keno jackpot had been hit. Knowing he could check his numbers on the Oregon Lottery website, he went online and discovered something peculiar—or at least it seemed peculiar. The jackpot numbers looked like a match for a set of numbers on his ticket. Not quite able to believe he’d hit his sixth big win, Forrest asked his wife to see if she saw what he thought he was seeing. That’s when the couple realized for sure that they had a $72,000 win!

Even after coming to Salem to claim his prize, Forrest isn’t entirely sure what he plans to do with the unexpected windfall. Although he said he’d like to pay off some loans, he’s also planning to take the family to the river to celebrate and cool off on a 99-degree afternoon. Sounds like great way to celebrate a six-time win!