Erik N – Salem — 11/20/23

A Gift from the Pharaoh

Sometimes your actual dreams do come true! That’s exactly what happened to Erik N. of Aumsville, OR. He had a dream that he won the top prize for the Pharaoh’s Tomb Scratch-it and after that, he would look for that ticket whenever he was out and about. One day, he stopped at Safeway in Salem to get some groceries and saw the pharaonic ticket, but the line was long and he didn’t have much time. Erik’s decision to wait would prove to be the right one! He waited to buy the last five $20 Pharaoh’s Tomb tickets and scratched them when he got home. The very first ticket revealed the exact same top prize from his dream – the $250,000 jackpot. A first-time winner, Erik works as a Maintenance Technician for a property group in Salem, and he hopes to be driving up in a new Ram TRX as soon as possible!