Chris M – St Helens — 03/04/24

Better Late than Never

When Chris and Stephanie were married two years ago, they probably thought they’d be spending their second anniversary doing something low-key, like going out to dinner. They had no idea that Chris would turn a $20 bill into a $22,500 prize – and a honeymoon they won’t forget!

Chris was sitting down to play some casual slots in St. Helens when, before he knew it, his screen was filling up with diamonds. He had won Big City 5’s Diamond Jackpot. Of course, Stephanie was his first call.

Now, these two need to decide not just where to grab dinner, but where in the world to go to grab it? Currently, they’re weighing their options – Vegas is high on the list – but we’re sure wherever they go, they’ll have a blast. Cotton may be the traditional gift for a second anniversary, but this year, they’ll be celebrating with paper – in the form of a big check, plane tickets, and of course, cash.