Bobby P – Bend — 01/05/24

Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds can also be a man’s best friend! Bobby P. from Bend was waiting for his wife, Noelle, to get her nails done, so he ran over to Fred Meyer and bought a few Scratch-its. Inspired by the shining diamonds on the $10 ticket, Bobby had his eye on that particular game and figured there was no better time to try his luck. He scratched the tickets while waiting in the car and on the last ticket, he uncovered a $100,000 top prize! When Noelle got back into the car, she could tell something was up. Bobby said, “You’re not going to believe it… we’ve won again!” They had just visited the Prize Claim Center back in September with a $50,000 Scratch-it win. Bobby & Noelle own a business and plan to save their winnings for a future move to Montana. Diamonds were certainly their best friend that day!