Give the little gift that couldGive the little gift that could

A player scans a Scratch-it with a cell phone.

More Fun With Second Chance

Who says that Scratch-it isn’t a winner? Enter it into the game’s Second Chance drawing, and it still might turn into a top prize! It’s a great way to extend the fun of the holidays into the new year!

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The Oregon Lottery attempts to ensure that the remaining ticket numbers for each game are posted correctly on our website. However, posted numbers are unofficial. Top prizes are counted as unclaimed until the prize is claimed by the winner, which could be after the ticket is no longer for sale. Percentage of tickets sold is based on pack inventory at the start of each day. This number will automatically show on the site as 100% sold on the date that the game is scheduled to be no longer for sale. Some tickets may still be available for purchase after this date if the individual retailer still has tickets in stock. Odds displayed on the site are retrieved from the system at a precision level of ten decimal places and converted to the nearest integer in a 1 in n format. Because of this, a small amount of rounding can occur and the sum of prize tier odds on the site might not equal 100%