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5X Crossword

Top Prize $50,000!

Scratch the ticket simulation above to see how you win.

If you're able to reveal the $50,000 top prize on the 5X Crossword Scratch-it, you might find yourself swirling in disbelief. Speaking of swirling, the colorful design of the rays and swirls on this colorful ticket are so vibrant you won't be able to miss it when you decide to try your luck and step into an Oregon Lottery retail location. Not only that, but this Scratch-it also features the Fast $20 Spot, 2 Crossword Puzzles and 2nd Chance all for just $5! Get your scratch finger ready and give the 5X Crossword a try.

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  • Game Number: 1127
  • Available: 03/15/2016
  • Purchase Price: $5
  • Theme: Crossword
  • Last Date to Claim Prize: 5/2/2017

5X Crossword

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Claim Your Prize.

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Prizes up to $600 may be claimed at a Lottery retailer, or claimed by mail via a winner claim form. All prizes of $600 or more must be claimed at a Lottery office claims center in Salem or Wilsonville.

How To Play.
Scratch the “YOUR 18 LETTERS“ area to reveal your 18 letters. Scratch the corresponding letters on the 2 CROSSWORD PUZZLES. If you uncover 3 or more complete WORDS in either CROSSWORD PUZZLE, you win the prize indicated in the GAME KEY for the CROSSWORD PUZZLES. BONUS: Uncover the “BONUS“ spot and multiply your total winnings by that number. FAST $20 SPOT: Uncover a “20“ in the “Fast $20 Spot,“ win $20 instantly! Each CROSSWORD PUZZLE PLAYED SEPARATELY. Words on the puzzles cannot be combined to win a higher prize. Example: 3 words on each puzzle wins $5.00 on each puzzle for a total of $10.00.
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Did I Win?

Here are some ways to find out if you've won:

Take your ticket to a Lottery retail location and use the "Did you Win?" terminal

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Be sure to sign the back of your ticket when you buy it to ensure you can claim any prize you may win!