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Why Holiday Scratch-its?
So many reasons!

Ranging in price from $1 – $20, there's a Scratch-it for every budget! You can find them virtually anywhere. You don't need to wrap them. They're never the wrong size or color. In fact, the only reason to ever return them to the store is if they are winners!

If you need gifts, it's the ticket
top prize: $1,500
top prize: $10,000
top prize: $50,000
Scratch-its make great gifts  for all those hard-to-shop-for grown-ups on your list!
top prize: $75,000
top prize: $150,000
Play Holiday Memory Match

Test Your Memory

For a festive time, give our Memory Match game a try! Are you up to the challenge? Try it out for fun (and for free). And after your memory is all tuned up, remember to pick up some Scratch-its for all those hard-to-shop-for adults on your list!

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Oregon Christmas Trees 

Oregon Christmas Trees Rule

Oregon’s legendary forests are packed to the brim with green and lush conifer trees. It’s no wonder that we’re the nation’s leading Christmas tree producer. In fact, the Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association says our farms harvested 5.2 million trees in 2016.

Last year, Oregonians wrapped up a gorgeous noble fir for our nation’s capital, courtesy of our friends at the Willamette National Forest. Weighing in at over seven tons and measuring 72 feet long, this gift traveled from its home here in Oregon to the Capitol steps in Washington, DC. Starting in Sweet Home, the tree traveled 3,000 miles, following the reverse route of the Oregon Trail to the east coast.

Agriculture is the largest part of our state’s economy. Your Lottery dollars help fund economic development and job creation in places like our local tree farms. With the manpower of Oregonians across the state, revenue from our Christmas tree empire is estimated at $90 million per year.

Next time you buy a real Oregon-grown Christmas tree, feel good about your purchase. Your dollars are supporting small businesses and families across Oregon.

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Scratch-it Winner Nicole

Spreading Good Cheer with a Scratch-it Win

Most of us have a secret dream about what we would do with a big lottery payout. Nicole actually got to put her version of this dream into action after a $100,000 Scratch-it win earlier this year.

Nicole operates a home for developmentally disabled adults, and, if that’s not enough, she also has four children who keep her on her toes. To say she keeps busy would be quite an understatement. So what was Nicole’s lottery dream? A cruise to exotic locales? A sexy sportscar? Not at all. After her big win, she decided she would spread her good fortune with those in need. She’s going to put at least some of the money toward a new foster home for her hometown.

Holiday Scratch-its offer top prizes ranging from $1,500 to $150,000. Some lucky winners will also get their chance to turn a dream into reality too. And maybe, like Nicole, they’ll spread some cheer too!

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