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Spreading Excitement Throughout The State

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A $180 an Hour Job

Michael Nashif Michael Nashif of Newberg entered a number of his non-winning Oregon Lottery “Priceless Gems” Scratch-it tickets in the Lottery’s Scratch-it Second Chance Drawing. Imagine how excited and surprised he was when one of those non-winning tickets was drawn, and Michael became a $30,000 winner.

Imagine how excited and surprised Michael’s daughter was when he offered a job working for him one day, between 1 pm and 3 pm for $180 an hour. That was Michael’s way of helping his daughter replace her hot water heater that had gone out the day before the drawing. That’s a great dad story!

One out of 22 is OK!

Shelia Done If you’re a baseball player, batting one for 22 is not good. If you’re a faithful Oregon Lottery® Scratch-it℠ Second Chance Drawing entrant, like Shelia Done of Hillsboro, one for 22 is alright!”

Shelia entered 22 of her non-winning “Golf” Scratch-it tickets in the Lottery’s Scratch-it Second Chance Drawing. One of those tickets was drawn, and Shelia became an instant $25,000 winner. “This is great,” said Shelia, who has other non-winning Scratch-it tickets for future drawings, and is looking forward to making a return visit.

The first four Scratch-it Second Chance Drawings have awarded more than $1.4 million in prizes!

Mystery Solved

John Duquette John Duquette of Portland decided to play five games of Keno. He marked the Quick Pick option on the play slip for his eight-spot Special Keno ticket, and decided to sit back and relax. Before John knew it, the first game was over and someone had won the $36,322.80 eight-spot Rolling Jackpot Bonus.

“I hadn’t even looked at my numbers, and I thought, ‘I still have four games to play, and someone already won the jackpot.’” John soon found out who that big winner was. It was him. “I checked my numbers and was in a state of shock.” John’s prize consisted of $25,000 for matching all eight numbers, and the $36,322.80 bonus, for a $61,322 Keno prize.

John’s prize is one of 15 Keno prizes already won in 2013, for $50,000 or more! Overall, Oregon Lottery® Keno players have won more than $1.49 billion in prizes since the first game was played in September 1991!

Saturday Night At The Movies

Kyle & Susie Hanley Kyle & Susie Hanley were ready for a Saturday night of watching a movie at home, enjoying some refreshments, and relaxing. Well, they got the movie, the refreshments and the relaxation. They also had a “Triple Cash Crossword” Scratch-it ticket that they began scratching just as their movie for the night began.

The couple had uncovered nine words for a $2,500 prize when they realized they had forgotten to scratch one of the letters. That overlooked letter, once scratched, uncovered a tenth word, and a $50,000 prize. How did their big prize affect their movie-watching evening? The couple was pretty excited! “There was about 10 minutes there when we had no idea what was going on with the movie,” said Susie.

Step By Step

Guy Wherity Step One: Guy Wherity bought a Powerball® ticket for the January 26 drawing.
Step Two: Guy checked his ticket in mid-February and discovered that he was a $1 million Match 5 winner.
Step Three: After a delay due to a trip he had planned with his daughter, Guy made it to the Lottery office in Salem on March 14 to claim his prize.
Step Four: Enjoy!

Guy’s ticket, purchased at 7-Eleven in Tigard, was one of 5,825 winning tickets for Oregon Lottery® Powerball players in the January 26 drawing. Guy was the first of two $1 million Match 5 Powerball winners within 32 days. He received a prize check in the amount of $670,000.50 after state and federal taxes were withheld. Doing things with his daughter and investing in his future top Guy’s list “Things To Do” with his prize money!

Did you know that since Powerball began in 1992, Oregon Lottery players have averaged one Match 5 winner per month, for a total of 325?

Would You Like Fries With That?

Alex Newell We’re pretty sure Alex Newell was kidding, when he said he was going to buy $4,500 worth of cheeseburgers with his Oregon Lottery® prize money. He wasn’t kidding when he showed how excited he was about winning a $4,500 Platinum Series Video Lottery? prize. Newell was playing the Trouble In The Henhouse” game at Lee’s Kitchen Restaurant in Tualatin.

Alex was enjoying the game, and down to just a few more plays. Next thing he knew, there was a sprinkling of “Jackpot” symbols. There were just enough symbols to make Alex a $4,500 winner.

Did you know that since the first Platinum Series Video Lottery? game made its debut in October 2010, Oregon Lottery Platinum Series players have won more than $81 million in prizes?

I couldn't believe it!

Pam & Tonya Tonya Fox of Burns added her name to the ever-growing list of Oregon Lottery® Scratch-it? winners after winning a $50,000 top prize in the “Triple Cash Crossword” Scratch-it game. Tonya uncovered 10 words on her Scratch-it ticket for the top prize.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Tonya, who said that paying off bills topped her list of “Things to do” with her prize money.

Since the first Oregon Lottery Scratch-it game was introduced in 1985, Oregon Lottery players have won more than $1.86 billion in prizes.

Claire popped in and then popped up a winner!

Claire Kemmerer So a Pop Up is an event that the Lottery stages by showing up at Lottery retailers to throw little mini parties. We hand out free plays for Video Lottery and Keno, and conduct draws for people to win cash and prizes.

As it turns out, Claire Kemmerer was one of the participants in a recent Pop up at the 19th Hole in Salem. She took home one of our handouts to enter into a drawing online and much to her surprise, she won a $1000 Shopping spree at the Woodburn Company Stores. She was giddy with excitement and told us that this couldn’t have come at a better time since she was in the midst of looking for some new wardrobe options.

Shop away Claire and thanks for popping in to our Pop Up.

Occasionally Successful

Neal Ewing Neal Ewing is what one might call an occasional Keno player. He enjoys the game, but just plays it now and then. Sometimes the size of one of the Keno Rolling Jackpot Bonuses attracts his attention, and he’ll play a few games.

Neal noticed the eight-spot Keno Rolling Jackpot Bonus was at $65,295.80, and decided a five-game eight-spot Quick Pick ticket was in order. Neal was playing at the Elks in Forest Grove. In the second game on his five-game ticket, Neal matched all eight numbers for a $15,000 prize. Adding in the $65,295.80 Rolling Jackpot bonus, Neal won an $80,295.80 prize.

“Hey Neal! What are your plans for your prize money?” “I’m probably going to get a ‘newer’ car,” said Neal, who is just short of his 75th birthday. He explained that he had never owned a “new” car. “Maybe when I hit the $1 million prize, I’ll get a new car” added Neal.

Going Up?

Bill & Cindy Amouak Starting with smaller prizes and working their way up, Bill and Cindy Amouak of Salem reached the top by winning a $100,000 top prize in the popular “Mega Crossword” Scratch-it game.

The couple shared the $100,000 prize, with each receiving a prize in the amount of $33,500 after state and federal taxes were withheld. The winning ticket was purchased at the Boy & Girls Club Bingo of Salem, who will receive a $1,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

Bill and Cindy had recently paid a visit to the Lottery office to share a $1,000 Scratch-it prize, also from the “Mega Crossword” game. They had also won $20, $50 and $80 prizes. “The prizes just kept getting better,” said Bill. The “Mega Crossword” Scratch-it game has a total prize payout of more than $2.4 million.

Bill and Cindy didn’t hesitate when asked if they had plans for their prize money. “We’re taking the grandkids to Disneyland!”

Bill and Cindy joined other Salem winners, who won more than $480,000 in the past 30 days, including: Chris Boge, $55,000 “Golden Dragon” Scratch-it; Maheshkumar Chauhan, $15,929 Keno; Brandy Logan, $10,000 Platinum Series Video Lottery; John Baker, $6,000 Platinum Series Video Lottery; Anthony Jefferson, $5,000 Pick 4; Bernard Robinson, $3,336 Keno; Ellen Crawford, $3,033 Oregon’s Game Megabucks; Charles Rambo, $2,778 Oregon’s Game Megabucks; and Winston Wright, $2,500 “Triple Cash Crossword“ Scratch-it.

The Big 3

Sheena Ortiz Sheena Ortiz of Sherwood had three things in mind for her prize money when she became a $5,427 Keno winner: Take a nice relaxing trip; have a great Christmas holiday; and spoil some of her family. Well, she accomplished all three, and was excited and happy to have been able to follow through on her plans.

Sheena, a once-in-awhile Keno player, played a six-spot Special Keno ticket after, a friend said that the four-spot or six-spot Keno ticket was the way to go.

Sheena played five consecutive Quick Pick six-spot Special Keno games at AJ’s Sports Pub & Grub. In the fifth and final game on her Special Keno ticket, she matched all six numbers for a $2,500 prize. Sheena played her five games at $2 per game, which meant her prize was multiplied by “2,” to $5,000. She also won $1 on two other games, and added a $425 six-spot Keno Rolling Jackpot Bonus to give her a total prize of $5,427.

Did you know that in 2012, 255 Oregon Lottery Keno players won prizes of $5,000 or more? And, did you know four of those winners won prizes of more than $100,000?

Wasting No Time

Byron Randle The “Money Multiplier” Scratch-it, game #936, offers each player the chance to win prizes ranging from $5 to the $60,000 top prize. There are five “winning numbers” that the player tries to match to one of the 28 numbers they uncover, while scratching the seven games on each Scratch-it ticket. Players can also win prizes by uncovering a “10X®” symbol, and winning 10 times the prize shown for that game.

Byron Randle of Portland didn’t waste any time in winning a $60,000 top prize. One of Byron’s “winning numbers” was 11. In Game One on his $5 Scratch-it ticket, Byron matched that number 11, and became an instant winner of the matching $60,000 top prize. Byron’s prize, one of the more than $2.4 million in prizes offered in the game, came from his winning ticket purchased at Friendly Food Mart, Portland.

Did you know that Oregon Lottery® Scratch-it players have won more than $1.8 billion in prizes since the first Oregon Lottery Scratch-it ticket went on sale in April 1985?

Ah Yes, I Remember!

Brittney Rogers Sometimes your memory can play tricks on you. Brittney Rogers’ memory didn’t play a trick on her. It just reminded her that she’d had a “Rock ‘N Roll” Scratch-it ticket in her purse for a couple of days, and she’d better get around to scratching it.

And that she did. The Portland resident scratched her ticket, uncovered 10 words, and became a $25,000 top prize winner in the popular Oregon Lottery® Scratch-it game. Brittney’s $25,000 winner was purchased at Fred Meyer #153, on SE 82nd Ave., in Happy Valley.

Brittney’s memory was working just fine when she was asked what she planned to do with her prize money. “I’m going to pay off my car, and then I’m going to Vegas!”

Did you know that in a recent 30-day period, Portland Oregon Lottery Scratch-it players claimed more than $300,000 in Scratch-it prizes of $1,000 or more?

What A Nice Surprise

Riley & Misti Gunn Riley and Misti Gunn were excited beyond belief when they thought they had won a $250,000 Mega Millions® prize in the January 4 drawing. That excitement was multiplied four times larger, when they discovered that their winning ticket, which included the Megaplier®, was actually worth $1 million.

Riley, because he just had a feeling, purchased an $8 Quick Pick Mega Millions ticket at Lil’ Pantry Market & Deli in Merlin, for the January 4 drawing. Riley also chose to add the Megaplier Option that led to their $1 Million win. The winning ticket, one of 1,979 winning tickets for Oregon Lottery® players from the drawing, displayed four combinations of numbers, and a “yes” next to the Megaplier option, which can multiply your non-jackpot prize by two, three or four times. Their big prize was won with the third combination of numbers.

When Riley checked his winning ticket, he couldn’t believe his eyes. “I saw that I had matched all five numbers, but not the Mega Ball®,” he said. He woke up his wife, Misti, with the news that they were $250,000 winners. When Riley remembered that he had chosen the Megaplier option, and the Megaplier multiplier “4” was drawn, he realized he was a $1 million winner. “I just couldn’t believe it. Misti and I were both shocked, and really excited!”

Riley was laid off a few months ago, and has gone back to school. He and Misti said their prize money will go a long way toward providing some financial security. It will help them to provide the life they dream of for their family.

A Sudden Impulse

John Wesley Griffin John Wesley Griffin of La Grande seldom plays a seven-spot Keno ticket, but after winning a $143,670 prize, he’s glad he gave it a try.

Griffin played five consecutive games at Jay Dee’s Market in La Grande. In his third game, he matched all seven numbers for a $5,500 prize. John played $5 per game, which increased his prize to $27,500. By choosing the Keno Multiplier Option, he increased his prize to $137,500 when the multiplier “5,” was drawn for his winning game. Adding in a $6,170.50 seven-spot Keno Rolling Jackpot Bonus, brought John’s total prize to $143,670.50.

What’s next for John? A new car for his wife, and starting college funds for his two young children topped his “Things To Do” List for his prize money!

Other recent La Grande winners included: Qing Yu, $6,000 Platinum Series Video Lottery℠ winner; Stephannie Moy, $5,001 Platinum Series Video Lottery℠ winner; Matthew Johnson, $3,000 Platinum Series Video Lottery winner; John Griffin, $2,250 Keno winner; John Yeates $1,750 Special Keno winner; and Creighton Gerlach, $864 Oregon’s Game Megabucks℠ winner.

20-year-old Orders Dinner for Two

Austin McCormick “Hey, Austin McCormick! Now that you won a $1,000 “Spooky Loot” Scratch-it℠ prize, where ya going?” Well, the 20-year-old Milwaukie resident wasn’t headed for any world-famous amusement parks. Austin had more important things on his mind. “I’m going to take my girlfriend out for a very special dinner!”

Austin purchased a $2 “Spooky Loot” Scratch-it ticket at Fred Meyer in Milwaukie. He uncovered the number “13,” and became an instant $1,000 prize winner. Austin felt like it was his time to win, after his mother and father had won $1,000 Oregon Lottery® prizes. “This is great!”

Austin was one of 75 Milwaukie winners who won more than $440,000 total prizes of more than $600, during a 30-day period. Included in the group of winners was a $250,000 top prize winner in the “$250,000 Cash” Scratch-it game, a $40,000 Powerball® Power Play® winner, an $8,000 Platinum Series Video Lottery℠ winner, and a $7,000 Keno winner.

The Right Feeling at the Right Time

Cindy Proebstel Cindy Proebstel of Portland enjoys playing Special Keno. Cindy says she and her husband are often referred to as the “Keno People” at Coach’s Bar & Grill, where she recently won a $63,314.80 Special Keno prize. The couple has about 10 different combinations of numbers they play, when the feeling is right. After noticing that the eight-spot Keno Rolling Jackpot Bonus was getting up there, Cindy had a good feeling, and played the numbers 12-14-25-42-46-55-68-73.

Cindy played her eight-spot Special Keno ticket for 10 consecutive games at Coach’s Bar & Grill in Portland. In the ninth game on her $10 ticket, Cindy matched all eight of her numbers for a $25,000 prize. She also won a $38,314.80 eight-spot Keno Rolling Jackpot Bonus. Cindy is excited that her big prize will allow her and her husband to “pay down” some bills, and set a nice portion aside for their retirement.

During a recent 30-day period, Portland Keno winners won more than $308,000 in prizes. Included in the winners’ list were prize winners for the amounts of $46,814.20, $12,045.60, $8,750, $7,000, and $5,991.80. Overall, during the 30-day period, 72 players won prizes of $1,000 or more.

Portland Resident Picks The Right Time To Buy
Winning $9.2 Million Oregon’s Game MegabucksSM ticket

Murray Magness October 22, 2012, Portland, OR - Murray Magness of Portland felt he knew just the right time to buy his Oregon’s Game Megabucks℠ ticket for the October 17 drawing. That feeling led him to winning a $9.2 million Oregon’s Game Megabucks jackpot.

Magness, a regular player, says he has a couple of special times he feels are good for him to purchase Oregon’s Game Megabucks tickets. One of those times is 4 p.m. At 4:05 p.m., on October 17, Magness purchased a $5 Quick Pick ticket at Albertsons #505 in Portland. Three hours and 24 minutes later, he matched all six numbers for a $9.2 million prize.

Magness presented his winning ticket at the Lottery office in Salem on October 18. The winning ticket held 10 combinations of numbers, and Magness matched all six numbers in the fifth combination on his ticket. The winning numbers were 2-4-5-7-15-42.

Magness chose the annuity payment option when claiming his prize. He received the first of 25 equal annual payments, in the amount of $368,000 before state and federal taxes were withheld. He becomes the Oregon Lottery®’s 236th Oregon’s Game Megabucks millionaire, and overall, the Oregon Lottery’s 295th millionaire.

Magness is the ninth Oregon’s Game Megabucks jackpot winner in 2012. Overall, Oregon’s Game Megabucks players have won more than $773 million in prizes.

Albertsons will receive a $92,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

The Lottery recommends that you always sign the back of your tickets with each Oregon Lottery game you play, to help ensure you can claim any prize you may win.

Since the Oregon Lottery began selling tickets on April 25, 1985, it has earned over $7 billion for economic development, public education, state parks and watershed enhancements. In that same period, it has paid its players more than $20 billion in prizes.

Saving The Best For Last

David Kerns First place is nice in a lot of things; the Olympic 100-meter dash, the Masters Golf Tournament, and the State Fair Pie Eating Contest, just to name a few. David Kerns of Keizer discovered that saving the best for last can be pretty good also.

David played five consecutive games on his eight-spot Keno ticket at The Elks in Keizer. He used the Quick Pick method to select his set of numbers. In the fifth game and final game on his $5 ticket, David matched all eight numbers for a $15,000 prize. He also won an eight-spot Keno Rolling Jackpot Bonus of $32,062.80, for a total prize of $47,062.80.

Did you know that 28 Oregon Lottery® Keno players had won prizes of more than $25,000 during the first six months of 2012? And, did you know that two of those prizes were more than $100,000?

When you play Mega Millions®, you can buy a ticket for a single drawing, a couple of drawings, or for multiple advanced drawings. You could go with the Mega Millions “special,” and play 26 advanced drawings, for $25.

A Nice Way To Beat The Heat

Donna Mershon When it’s hot outside, there are a number of ways to “beat the heat;” a tall cool glass of lemonade; a dip in the pool; lying on the floor directly in front of the air conditioner or fan; or whatever works for you.

Donna Mershon of Gresham found a new way to beat the heat. During one of our recent heat waves, Donna said it was just too hot for her usual routine of sitting in her car and having her lunch. She decided to venture into Dotty’s #12, in Sandy, where it was cooler. Donna cooled down by playing one of the popular Platinum Series Video Lottery℠ games. Donna played Hot Rocks®, and won a $1,500 prize.

After taking her son to lunch, Donna said fixing up her place, and buying a diamond necklace was at the top of her “Things To Do List!”

Did you know that Platinum Series Video Lottery winners have won more than $52 million in prizes since the first game was introduced in November 2010? During a recent 30-day period, Gresham Oregon Lottery® Platinum Series Video Lottery players won more than $178,000 in prizes.

A Helpful Suggestion

Justin Ripley “Dusty” Ripley of Tigard just wasn’t in the mood to play any of the Oregon Lottery®’s Platinum Series Video Lottery℠ games at Carmichaels Pub & Grub. He was looking for something else. Dusty hadn’t played Keno in awhile, and thought he would enjoy playing. Dusty wasn’t sure how many spots to play, when a friend suggested he give the eight-spot a try.

Dusty played 20 consecutive games at $1 per game. He used the Quick Pick method to select his winning combination of numbers. In the 10th game on his Keno ticket, Dusty matched all eight numbers for a $25,000 prize. Additionally, winning the $54,276.20 eight-spot Keno Rolling Jackpot Bonus, made Dusty a $79,276.20 winner. Dusty says his prize money is headed straight to the bank where it will sit until he decides what he plans to do with it.

Did you know that there have been 11 eight-spot Keno Rolling Jackpot Bonus prize winners of more than $100,000 since the Rolling Jackpot Bonus was introduced in April 1999? And, did you know that Oregon Lottery Keno players have won more than $1.4 billion in prizes since Oregon Keno began in September 1991?

Buying In Bulk

Fred Rine When you play Mega Millions®, you can buy a ticket for a single drawing, a couple of drawings, or for multiple advanced drawings. You could go with the Mega Millions “special,” and play 26 advanced drawings, for $25.

Well, Fred Rine of Wilsonville went for the “special.” And, he didn’t wait for all 26 drawings to occur, before he paid a visit to the Lottery office in Salem with a $250,000 winning ticket. In the June 5 drawing, #21 on Fred’s ticket, he matched five numbers without the Mega Ball®, for his big prize. Fred purchased his winning ticket at Lamb’s Wilsonville. Fred says his prize will allow him to have a little fun, and help plan toward retirement. Oh, Fred also said he planned to pay another visit to Salem before all the drawings on his ticket were over.

Did you know that since Mega Millions joined with the Oregon Lottery in March 2010, there have been more than one million winning tickets and over $20 million in prizes for Oregon Lottery Mega Millions players?

Going Up!

Jamie Grace Normally, when you take an elevator, you have two options. You may choose to go “up.” You may choose to go “down.” And there’s no guarantee you’ll find as much excitement at the end of your ride, as Jamie Grace did when she played her “Cash Elevator” Scratch-it℠ game.

The game offers players four individual games, in which they travel from floor to floor, looking for prizes ranging from $2 to a $10,000 top prize. Jamie, from Portland, progressed from the 1st floor, to the 2nd floor, to the 3rd floor, and finally to the 6th floor, in Game 4 on her Scratch-it ticket. When the doors opened, she found a $10,000 top prize waiting for her. Overall, “Cash Elevator” offers a total prize payout of more than $1 million. Jamie’s winning ticket came from Safeway #1451, NE 122nd Ave., in Portland.

Did you know that Portland Oregon Lottery Scratch-it players won more than $340,000 in prizes during the first six months of 2012?

On The Move

Becca Clausen When some sports star wins the big game, they are asked, “What are you doing to do now?” I think we’ve all heard the answer to that one.

When Becca Clausen won her $2,000 “Lotus Flower® Platinum Series Video Lottery℠ jackpot prize at Jasper’s in Eugene, she was happy. She was excited, and she knew exactly what she was going to do now. Becca is preparing to move to a new residence, and her $2,000 prize is going to make that move a lot easier. “This came at just a great time,” said Becca. “It will make it a whole lot easier to get settled, and do the things I need to do!” What else did Becca do? She quickly called her mom to share the news that she was a $2,000 winner.

Did you know that Springfield Oregon Lottery® players have won more than $590,000 in Platinum Series Video Lottery jackpot prizes since November 2010?

No More Waiting

Mark Sun Mark Sun, of Keizer, said he’s been waiting for his turn to pay a visit to the Lottery office in Salem, and claim a big Oregon Lottery® prize. Well, Mark’s wait is now over.

Mark was relaxing at Denny’s #6811, on Market St. in Salem, when he decided to enjoy playing the Oregon Lottery’s Platinum Series Video Lottery℠ games. Mark began playing the popular Game of Dragons® II video game, which offers players the chance to win jackpots ranging from $2,000 to the $10,000 top jackpot prize. He had only played a few minutes when he had a $10,000 jackpot prize staring him in the face.

Oregon Lottery Platinum Series Video Lottery℠ players have won more than $38 million in prizes. During one 30-day period, Keizer and players won more than $330,000 in video Lottery prizes.

Thumbs Up

Jeremy Bouchell Jeremy Bouchell of Dallas offers a “thumbs up,” after receiving his $1,000,000 Powerball® prize from the May 9, drawing. Jeremy matched all five numbers, without the power ball, to become the Oregon Lottery®’s second $1,000,000 Powerball winner this year. Jeremy played a $10 ticket at Safeway #4404, in Dallas. The winning numbers were 1-7-11-55-56. The winning power ball number, which Jeremy did not match, was 1.

Jeremy talked of placing “helping family and friends,” at the top of his “To Do” List, for his prize money. “That will be a great feeling to do some of the things I want to do.” Jeremy became the Oregon Lottery’s 28th Powerball millionaire, and overall counting all Lottery games, the 292nd millionaire.

Mother’s Little Helper

Susan Hoffman When Susan Hoffman’s daughter was younger, she probably wanted to help “mommy” around the house. She may have swept the floor, emptied the garbage, dusted the living room, and helped with the laundry. All those things that mom would appreciate.

Well, Susan’s daughter became a big helper when she sold her mom a winning $20,000 St. Patrick’s Day Raffle℠ ticket. Susan’s daughter was working at the Pastime Tavern in St. Helens, and made sure her mom took the time to get her Raffle ticket. “I just couldn’t believe it,” said Susan. What did Susan have planned to do with her prize money? “Some special things!”

Oregon Lottery players have won more than $11 million in prizes in the Lottery’s nine Raffles. More chances are coming. Tickets for the 2012 Thanksgiving Raffle, the Lottery’s next Raffle, will go on sale Sunday, Sept. 30.

Just A Regular Guy

Tom Ayers When Tom Ayers and his wife decided to enjoy a little Keno, while at Greg’s Back Yard in Portland, his wife suggested they try some “other” numbers on their eight-spot Special Keno Ticket. Tom, a Portland resident, decided to go with what he knew, and play his regular numbers. He filled out his Keno play slip with those familiar numbers.

It’s a good thing that Tom’s a “regular” guy. In the fourth game of his five-game eight-spot Special Keno ticket, Tom matched all eight numbers for a $25,000 prize. Winning a $25,735.10 eight-spot Keno Rolling Jackpot Bonus to go with it, gave Tom a total Keno prize of $50,735.10.

Did you know that Portland Oregon Lottery® players won more than $325,000 in Keno prizes of more than $600, during February 2012? Prize winners of $10,000 or more included: Jeremy Siedling, $65,987.50; Michael Wright, $65,388.40; James Justice, $22,000; Thuymai Nguyen, $11,977.20; and Nancy McClune, $11,339.60.

Gold In Them Thar Hills

Stephanie & Ryan Gates Stephanie Gates of Tigard wasn’t actually “panning for gold,” when she scratched her “Gold Rush Boomtown” Scratch-itSM ticket. And, she didn’t uncover secret treasure maps, secret gold mine entrances, bags of gold dust, or gold nuggets in the process. What she did discover was three gold coins and a matching $30,000 top prize, in the final spin in Game 2 on her Scratch-it ticket.

Each “Gold Rush Boomtown” Scratch-it ticket offers players three separate games in which they scratch to win prizes ranging from $3 to the $30,000 top prize. Stephanie uncovered two $30,000 prizes in one of the other games, but couldn’t match the prospector’s winning numbers. In Game 2, it was clear that the three gold coin symbols led her to a $30,000 bonanza.

Did you know that Tigard Oregon Lottery® players won more than $160,000 in prizes over $600 in the 30 days leading up to Stephanie’s big win?

Tropical Paradise

Norm Rombach $54,000 Lucky LinesSM jackpot winner Norm Rombach, from Milwaukie, had a choice of three backdrops for his commemorative winner’s photo. The Red Carpet, The Giant Money Bags or The Tropical Island. “I’ll go with the tropical island,” said Norm. “I’m kind of in a tropical island mood!”

Norm, a regular Lucky Lines player, was in a great tropical island mood when he received his $54,000 prize in the Oregon Lottery®’s popular daily tic-tac-toe style draw game. Norm’s prize, won when he added matching all eight numbers with the “free” spot, was the 11th largest Lucky Lines jackpot ever won, and the 14th jackpot prize of $50,000 or more since the game began in April 2006. Overall, Lucky Lines players have won more than $7.7 million in prizes.

Did you know that Norm wasn’t the only recent Milwaukie winner? Winners from the past 30 days included: Kathie Nye, $55,555 “Sand Dollars” Scratch-itSM; Alton Harvey, $10,000 Platinum Series Video LotterySM; Glenn Frederick, $9,434 Keno; Nancy rouse, $3,581 Platinum Series Video Lottery; Clinton Moore, $2,323 Keno; Teresa Corpe, $2,000 Platinum Series Video Lottery; and Allen Brandt, $882 Oregon’s Game MegabucksSM.

Washington Couple Claims $1 Million St. Patrick’s Day RaffleSMPrize

Portland Safeway Store Sells Top Prize Winning Ticket For Second Year In A Row

March 22, 2012, Portland, OR- Cindy and Tim Olsen came up big winners in the Oregon Lottery®’s March 16, St. Patrick’s Day RaffleSM. The former Oregonians presented their winning $1 million ticket at the Lottery office in Salem, on March 21.

The couple, who moved from Oregon to Washington around six months ago, equally shared the prize. Cindy and Tim each received a prize in the amount of $500,000 before state and federal taxes were withheld.

Cindy purchased a single Raffle ticket from Safeway #1223, on 11919 N Jantzen Ave., in Portland. The store also sold the winning $1 million ticket in the 2011 St. Patrick’s Day Raffle, and will receive their second $10,000 retailer selling bonus.

Cindy and Tim say that planning to purchase a home, and paying off some bills, head their list of things they intend to do with their prize.

In addition to the $1 million top prize, all 10 of the $20,000 prizes have been claimed.


James and Marcia Justice When James and Marcia Justice of Portland were ready to take their complimentary commemorative winner’s photo, they said they wanted to take their photo back-to-back. That was appropriate because you could say they won their $23,750 in Keno prizes, back-to-back.

James and Marcia played a 10-spot Special Keno ticket for 20 consecutive games, at Ira’s Deli, in Portland. They also played an eight-spot Special Keno ticket for the same 20 consecutive games. Their numbers on their 10-spot ticket were 2-10-19-31-34-36-39-50-54-72. On the eight-spot ticket they dropped the numbers 34 and 39. In the 16th game on their eight-spot ticket, James and Marcia matched seven of eight numbers for a $1,750 prize. They backed that up by hitting nine of 10 numbers on their 10-spot ticket for a $22,000 prize. Matching 16 of 18 numbers for Keno prizes of $23,750, brought back-to-back excitement to James and Marcia.

Did you know that the top prize for matching all 10 numbers on a 10-spot Special Keno ticket is $1,000,000?

These Look Nice

Nicoletta Endres Nicoletta Endres of Lake Oswego enjoys playing Keno, and usually, it’s with an eight-spot Special Keno ticket. She chooses her own numbers, but doesn’t always play the same ones. Nicoletta says she will often play numbers that “look like good numbers at the time.”

Nicoletta played 20 consecutive games, $1 per game, at Boones Ferry Chevron, in Lake Oswego. Her combination of numbers, 8-11-21-23-27-53-54-80, looked good to Nicoletta, when she marked her eight-spot Special Keno ticket. They looked even better when she matched all eight numbers in the 10th game on her 20-game ticket, for a $25,000 prize. Nicoletta also won the $26,314.90 eight-spot Keno Rolling Jackpot Bonus. A $5 win in the 19th game, gave her a total Keno prize of $51,319.90.

Did you know that during the first month of 2012, 29 Oregon Lottery® Keno players won prizes of $5,000 or more? The top five winners were: William Dickinson of Newport, $105,762.90; Diane MacBen of Bend, $55,845.20; Diane Wellman of Portland, $54,273.30; Steven Howard of Tigard, $42,556.60; and Irene Jensen of Sutherlin, $32,983.60.

Run, Don’t Walk

Levi Anderson and Brannon Hansing Levi Anderson and Brannon Hansing are friends and co-workers at Les Schwab, in Beaverton. They are always quick to “run” out and see how they can help their customers. You can imagine the fun they had when their $10,000 Powerball® prize was “run” out to them, as they waited at the Oregon Lottery® office in Salem.

Levi and Brannon have been joining together purchase Powerball tickets for some time now. The friends combined their efforts, and purchased a $10 Quick Pick ticket for a recent drawing. Their ticket contained five combinations of numbers. In their third combination of numbers, they matched four of five white balls, plus the red power ball, for a $10,000 prize. Their winning numbers were 13-17-34-59. The winning power ball number was 35. Their winning ticket was purchased at 7-Eleven #25458, SW Tualatin Valley, in Aloha. Levi and Brannon equally shared the $10,000 prize. Brannon indicated that he didn’t have anything specific in mind for his $5,000 portion of the prize money. Levi, on the other hand, said an upcoming 25th wedding anniversary trip was being planned by he and his wife.

Did you know that the Oregon Lottery has averaged just over one Match 5 prize winner per month, since Powerball made its debut in 1992? The Match 5 prize includes matching all five white balls, without the red power ball. The original Match 5 prize was $100,000. In August 2005, the Match 5 prize was increased to $200,000. Did you know that changes to the Powerball game on January 15, 2012, increased the Match 5 Powerball prize from $200,000 to an automatic $1,000,00?, And, if you choose the Power Play® option, it becomes an automatic $2,000,000 prize?

Lots Of Money + Lots Of Money = $1,000

Jody Ferguson When Jody Ferguson of Oregon City bought her “Cold Hard Cash” Scratch-itSM ticket, she was hoping to win a big prize. What Jody did was win a lot of little prizes, that added up to one big $1,000 prize. In “Cold Hard Cash,” you try to match the winning numbers with one of “your” four numbers. Jody her four numbers a total of 24 times. Uncovered prizes of $75-$10-$5-$50-$5-$10-$75-$100-$50-$50-$50-$75-$5-$50-$5-$100-$10-$30-$5-$50-$50-$30-$10-$10 equaled $910. She then uncovered a “money bag” symbol for a $60 prize, and a $30 prize in the “bonus” area, to give her a $1,000 total Scratch-it prize.

Jody purchased her winning ticket at 7-eleven #18786, on SE McLaughlin Blvd., in Milwaukie.

Did you know that players from Oregon City won more than $926,000 in prizes larger than $600 during 2011? Among the winners of $5,000 or more were: Jan Boyer, $65,000 Scratch-itSM ; Gary Kwong, $26,000 Lucky LinesSM jackpot; Margarete Swetman, $20,000 St. Patrick’s 2011 RaffleSM ; Gordon VanFleet, $10,000 Lucky Lines jackpot; Richard Gallagher, $10,000 Win for LifeSM ; Athena Windon, $10,000 Platinum Series Video Lottery; Theodora Gonzales, $10,000 Mega Millions®; Jason Ly, $10,000 Powerball®; Craig Kunde, $5,000 Platinum Series Video Lottery; and Scott Long, $5,000 Scratch-it.

A Stack Of Tickets

James M. James thought it was time to check the “stack of tickets” hiding out in his wallet. The Hillsboro resident has been wanting to add to his retirement account, and was planning an Hawaiian vacation for later this year. You just never know what you’re going to find.

Well. James found a winning $250,000 Mega Millions®, ticket from a drawing more than 30 days previous. The winning ticket, purchased at Plaid Pantry #205, on SW Tualatin Valley, in Beaverton, cost $1, for one set of Quick Pick numbers. James matched all five numbers, without the Mega Ball®, to win the highest non-jackpot prize in the game. It looks like donations to the retirement fund, and Hawaii vacation fund, will be coming shortly.

Did you know that Oregon Lottery® Mega Millions players have won more than $14.2 million in prizes since March 2010? Among those prizes have been a $1,000,000 winner, eight $250,000 winners, one $80,000 winner, one $50,000 winner, eight $40,000 winners, one $30,000 winner and thirty-one $10,000 winners.

A Little Help From A Friend Monthly drawing winner

Donald Bennett Donald Bennett is our monthly drawing winner and banked a cool $500, but couldn’t have done it without the help of his girlfriend at the time. She sent him an email invite asking him to be included as her friend to enter his name into the monthly drawing. Donald said OK. About a year later, Donald is getting his picture taken at Lottery headquarters and receiving a winning check. He was very surprised to get the winning notification from the Lottery and credited his then girlfriend with giving him the opportunity to win.

Beat The Clock

Back in the 50’s, there was a game show titled “Beat The Clock.” Contestants could win prizes by completing challenges before the clock ran out.

The main challenge Susana Rosario of Tigard had, was getting transportation from Tigard to the Lottery office in Salem. She had a $53,000 Lucky LinesSM jackpot prize to collect. Well, Susana just beat the clock. Her prize was from the Jan. 29, 2011 drawing, nearly a year ago. Susana showed up in Salem on Friday, Jan. 27, 2012. Due to the fact that 01/29/12 was on a Sunday, Susana had until 5:00 p.m. on Monday, 01/30/12, to claim her prize. She made it by a good 10 hours!

Did you know that Oregon Lottery players from Tigard won more than $1.5 million in prizes during 2011? Among the big winners were Erick Law, $250,000 Mega Millions®, Kerry Strand, $50,000 Win for LifeSM, and Robert Peloquin, $20,000 RaffleSM.

A Pre-Birthday Surprise

Seneca Sledge and sister Marlena Calling it an early “birthday win,” Seneca Sledge of Portland treated himself to a special gift, when he became a $10,000 Zeus® Platinum Series Video LotterySM winner. Just five days before his 29th birthday, Seneca was at the Carefree Bar, in Portland, enjoying Video Lottery games, when six “jackpot” logos appeared on the terminal he was playing, making him an instant $10,000 winner. “This is really exciting,” said Seneca, who added that he intended to pay a return visit to Salem with a winning St. Patrick’s Day RaffleSM ticket. Seneca has plans to use his prize money to help complete his education at Portland State.

Did you know that in 2011, Portland Platinum Series players won more than $2.3 million in Video Lottery prizes of $5,000 or more? And, 99 players had top prizes of $10,000.

Rolling In The Dough

Bill Baker “Dough” was one of the 10 words Bill Baker of Arlington uncovered on his “Santa Paws” Scratch-it ticket. That word turned out to be a sign of things to come, as the 10 words Bill revealed led him to a $25,000 top prize in the Oregon Lottery®’s holiday Scratch-it game. You could say Bill, was now “rolling in the dough!”

Bill purchased his winning ticket at the Arlington Shell, on Beech Street. Bill says he enjoys playing an Oregon Lottery Scratch-it game now and then, and was pleasantly surprised when he scratched the ticket, and realized he was a $25,000 winner. Bill’s prize money will allow him to help his son cover expenses from a recent surgery. When asked how it felt to be able to help his son, Bill quickly answered, “Great!”

Did you know that since the first Oregon Lottery Crossword theme Scratch-its were introduced in 1998, players have won more than $235 million in Crossword Scratch-it prizes? Overall, Oregon Lottery Scratch-it players have won more than $1.7 billion in prizes since the first Scratch-it game made its debut in 1985.

A Friendly Greek Ruler

Amanda Priest In Greek Mythology, Zeus was the ruler of Olympus. To Amanda Priest, he is the ruler of big prizes in the Oregon Lottery®’s Platinum Series Video Lottery games.

Amanda was enjoying playing video lottery at the VIP Deli in Oregon City, when Zeus smiled down on her. When the screen on Amanda’s video lottery terminal displayed two “Jackpot” symbols, she became a $4,000 jackpot winner in the Zeus Platinum Series video game. Zeus and other Platinum Series Video Lottery games offer players jackpot prizes ranging from $1,500 to $10,000. “This is the biggest prize I’ve ever won,” said Amanda, who added that her prize was headed toward the purchase of a new car.

Did you know that since the first Platinum Series Video Lottery game was introduced in October 2010 there have been more than 10,000 winners, for prizes of more than $26.5 million?

He Could Be Back

Jerud Moyer “Way excited to win,” was one way to describe Jerud Moyer of Portland when he arrived at the Lottery office in Salem, to claim his $10,000 Powerball® prize! Jerud matched four of five numbers, plus the power ball, to win his big prize. And, he may not be through.

Marking the advanced drawing portion of his Powerball play slip, for two consecutive drawings, Jerud won his prize on the first drawing. When receiving his $10,000 prize check, Jerud also received an “exchange” ticket, making him ready for the next drawing. Jerud purchased his winning ticket, one of 5,287 winning tickets from the drawing for Oregon Lottery® Powerball players, at Safeway #1612, in Portland.

Did you know that the winning ticket for the second largest Powerball jackpot ever won, $340 million, was sold in Jacksonville, Oregon? Overall, Powerball, and its predecessor, Lotto America, have paid out more than $827 million in prizes to Oregon Lottery players.

Being Right Helps

Andy Meek Now, Andy Meek of Eugene may not always be right, but when it comes to playing Keno, Andy tries to be “right” on. Andy played his $5 seven-spot Special Keno ticket at Jasper’s Deli & Gourmet, also in Eugene, and came out a $9,887 winner.

Andy will usually play the seven-spot while enjoying Keno. His winning numbers were 8-9-10-19-20-29-30, which appear in the upper right-hand corner of a Keno play slip. “The number ‘8’ is for my birthday,” said Andy. “Then I like to play the right hand corner.” Andy played five consecutive games, and won his big prize in the first game on his ticket. Andy’s prize consisted of $7,500 for matching all seven numbers, and a seven-spot Keno Rolling Jackpot Bonus of $2,387.

Did you know that Oregon Lottery players in Eugene won more than $2.1 million in prizes of more than $600 in 2011?

Patience Counts

Kenneth Wegter Kenneth Wegter of Salem first purchased an Oregon Lottery® Scratch-itSM ticket when they first became available in 1985. Since then, over the past 27+ years, he has purchased a Scratch-it ticket now and then.

Kenneth was standing in line behind a woman at Plaid Pantry #41, on Silverton Road, and he watched her purchased 10 Scratch-it tickets. Kenneth thought that this might be the time for him to purchase a Scratch-it ticket for himself. He purchased six tickets, among them one of the popular Crossword Scratch-it series tickets. On one of those tickets, “Mammoth Crossword,” Kenneth uncovered 10 words for a $15,000 top prize. How did Kenneth feel about his big win? “I thought, ‘If one is patient, anything is possible.”

Did you know that Oregon Lottery Scratch-it players have won more than $1.77 billion in prizes since the first Scratch game went on sale April 25, 1985?

A Return To The Scene Of The Prize

Janene and Garry Thompson When presenting prize checks to excited and happy winners, Ray Martin, the Oregon Lottery®’s Winner Awareness Coordinator, will often end his visit with the winners by saying, “See you next visit!”

Janene and Garry Thompson of Portland made that possible, when they made a visit to the Oregon Lottery to claim their $36,000 Lucky LinesSM jackpot prize. In the process, they became the first two-time jackpot winners in the daily draw game. “Nice to be back,” said Janene and Garry. When the couple decided to equally share the prize, they were each presented with a prize of $18,000. In 2008, Janene had been in to claim a $21,000 jackpot prize. That’s a total of $57,000 in jackpot prizes alone. The couple said they enjoy playing Lucky Lines, and often win prizes from $2 to $25 to keep the fun and excitement going.

Did you know that since Lucky Lines made its debut in 2006, players have won more than $2.8 million in jackpot prizes alone, and more than $7.6 million in prizes overall?

A Great Vacation Getaway

Nicolas Rice Nicolas Rice and his girlfriend, from Eureka, California, were on vacation. After visiting Portland, they decided to head down the coast to see more of our wonderful state.

While in Gold Beach, they stopped at Ray’s Food Place #8, to stock up on some refreshments for the rest of the ride home. Nicolas decided to enjoy a couple of Oregon Lottery® Scratch-itSM games, and purchased, among others, a “Blazing Saddles” Scratch-it. The popular Scratch-it ticket gives players three different games, and a “bonus” area to win prizes. Nicolas matched three $50,000 prize amounts in Game 2, to become an instant $50,000 top prize winner. Nicolas seemed to be just fine with adding another day to his vacation, and making a trip to Salem to collect this prize.

Did you know that during 2011, Curry County Oregon Lottery players won more than $205,000 in Oregon Lottery prizes of more than $600?

Family Visit.

Jacqueline Heath Jacqueline Heath of Florence, Arizona, became the Oregon Lottery®’s sixth $250,000 Mega Millions® winner, in the Dec. 9, drawing. She purchased a $4 Quick Pick ticket, displaying four combinations of numbers. In the first combination of numbers, Jacqueline matched five numbers, without the Mega Ball®, for her big win.

Jacqueline was visiting family in Oregon when she stopped at the Sisters Mainline Station. A regular Mega Millions player in Arizona, Jacqueline decided to buy her tickets for the next drawing while in Oregon. The winning numbers were 4-12-29-48-51. The winning Mega Ball® number, which Jacqueline did not match, was 44.

Sisters Mainline Station will receive a $2,500 bonus for selling the winning ticket. Jacqueline became the sixth Oregon Lottery $250,000 Mega Millions winner. Since the game began in March 2010, Oregon Lottery Mega Millions players have won more than $12.7 million.

10th Place Finish Is Just Fine!

Cara and Jason Wicker Cara Wicker of Portland enjoys playing Keno, and keeps an eye on the six- seven- and eight-spot Keno Rolling Jackpot bonuses. When the jackpot is growing, or Cara thinks it’s about time for a certain bonus to be hit, she will often play her ticket.

Cara felt that the six-spot Keno Rolling Jackpot was due to be hit, so she played 10 consecutive games, at $1 per game, at the Island Pizza & Deli, in Portland. Cara, and her husband, Jason, will often use the Quick Pick 4SM method to select their combination of Keno numbers. “This time we picked our own numbers,” said Cara. The couple used their birthdays, the birthdays of their kids, and their wedding date. Doing their own thing paid off for Cara and Jason, when in the 10th and final game on their six-spot ticket, they matched all six numbers for a $1,600 prize. They also won the $1,465.10 Rolling Jackpot Bonus. Winning $1 in two of the other games on their ticket, Car and Jason ended up with a total prize of $3,067.10.

When asked if they had any special plans for their prize money, Cara said, “Not at the moment,” while Jason chipped in with “a new motorcycle.” The happy winners agreed that there would be further discussion down the line. Cara and Jason joined other Portland Keno winners who have won a total of more than $215,000 in prizes, with four days left in December 2011.

For Dinner, I’ll have Breakfast!

Kathy Gant People will often order breakfast at a restaurant, when they are having dinner. Kathy Gant of Portland was having dinner at The Pink Feather, when she unexpectedly ended up with the same thing she had for breakfast. Not the food, but the same $10,000 Platinum Series™ Video LotterySM prize she had won in the morning, at Katie’s Backyard. That’s right! Kathy became a double $10,000 video winner, within 10 hours, on the same day.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Kathy. “I was so excited in the morning. I bought everyone breakfast. Then, I win the same prize in the evening. Unbelievable.” Kathy won both of her prizes playing Game of Dragons II®, one of the eight video games currently offered in the Platinum Series. In addition to Kathy’s $20,000 win, she had also paid a visit to the Lottery office in Salem for a $5,000 prize. Since the Platinum Series began in November 2010, Oregon Lottery® players have won more than $17 million in prizes.

Recent Portland winners of prizes of $5,000 or more Include: Charles Hart, $50,000 “Sky High Crossword” Scratch-itSM; Robert Niehaus, $40,000 Mega Millions® Megaplier® prize; Michael Corder, $12,545 Keno; Michael Medbery, $10,000 RaffleSM; Karen Moran, $10,000 Platinum Series™ Video LotterySM; Nancy Tunis, $6,000 Platinum Series Video Lottery; Kristina Burket, $5,502 Keno; and Harold Clark, $5,000 “Jumbo Bucks Doubler” Scratch-it.

Happy Holidays To Me

Janet S. The Holiday Season brings joy and happiness to many. For Janet S. of Salem, the holiday season, combined with enjoying Video Lottery® at Macleay Country Inn, brought joy, happiness and a $4,500 prize.

Janet was playing one of the Oregon Lottery®’s newer Platinum Series video games, “Power Strike.” When five Platinum Series Jackpot icons appeared on the screen, she was an instant $4,500 jackpot prize winner. Janet added her name to the list of Video LotterySM winners who have won more than $23.6 million in prizes since the Platinum Series began in November 2010.

Recent Platinum Series Video Lottery winners from Salem include: Ciriaco Tellez Cruz, $6,000; Tina Castillo, $6,000; Terry Hansen, $5,000; Lydell Thomas, $4,000; Daniel Proulx, $3,000; Emily Davis, $3,000; Gayle Patton, $2,500; Cathy Johnson, $2,000; Huong Le, $1,800; and Susan Pilcher, $1,500.

Ready For The New Year

Brenda King Brenda King may be looking forward to 2012, but she may also be a little a little sad that 2011 is ending. Brenda, from Gresham, was in recently with an $1,100 Keno prize. That brought her total of Keno prizes to $12,970 for 2011. Brenda’s most recent prize was on a two-spot Keno Multiplier ticket. She matched both numbers on her $20 ticket, and when the Keno Multiplier “5” came up, she was an $1,100 winner. Brenda bought her winning ticket at Albertsons #503, in Clackamas.

Brenda has won prizes in amounts ranging from $660 to $5,250. Her winning tickets were each purchased at Albertsons #503, in Clackamas. Brenda has selected a variety of numbers for the variety of Keno tickets she plays. She joins other recent winners from Gresham, including: Tom Struzan, $1,000,000 Thanksgiving RaffleSM; Joseph Daffern, $9,571 Keno; Ashlyn Maddor, $6,000 Platinum Series Video Lottery; Robert Schoff, $3,500 Keno; Stephen Lusenhop, $1,962 Platinum Series Video Lottery; Phil Simshaw, $1,750 Special Keno; Dawn Damiani, $1,200 Oregon’s Game Megabucks; and Thomas Becker, $1,032 Oregon’s Game Megabucks.

Six Plus Two = $48,000

Walter Kulnis In math, six plus two will usually equal eight. For Walter Kulnis of McMinnville, six plus two equaled $48,000. Rather than use the Quick Pick method to select his Lucky LinesSM numbers, Walter, a regular Lucky Lines player, picks his own numbers for the Oregon Lottery®’s tic-tac-toe style daily draw game. In a recent drawing, Walter had some help.

“I had someone send six numbers that were said to be lucky numbers for me,” said Walter. He then added two numbers, his wife’s birthday, and the day before his birthday. That combination made Walter a $48,000 Lucky Lines jackpot winner, when all eight numbers were drawn. The winning numbers sent to Walter were 1-7-12-13-20-21. He added 27 and 29 for the winning combo. Walter became the 90th Lucky Lines jackpot winner since the game began in 2006. The winning ticket was sold at NAP’s Thriftway, in Newberg.

Joining Walter recently as McMinnville winners are: Robin McTigue, $3,304 Oregon’s Game Megabucks; Anthony Amodeo, $2,099 Platinum Series Video Lottery; Tammi Dodgen, $2,000 Platinum Series Video Lottery; Mark Kim, $1,000 Platinum Series Video Lottery; Maribeth Bonnett, $930 Keno; and Gwendolyn Gorham, $910 Oregon’s Game Megabucks.

I’m a Champion! Monthly drawing winner

Jenna JourdenThat’s what Jenna told us. She said she felt like a champion after confirming her winning Megabuck’s numbers on the Lottery’s Web site. Not only that, she decided to cut loose, throw caution to the wind and enter our monthly drawing. “What the heck” she said. She was feeling happy, lucky and all that other good stuff and thought it was a good time to get lucky, again. Well surprise, surprise! Guess who won the December monthly drawing and chose the $500 prize? Jenna you are a champion, again. Want to go for three in a row? How about an Epic Holiday Sweater Scratch-itSM?

Winning’s Sweet in Sweet Home Monthly drawing winner

Laura FrenzelLaura Freznel and her husband have front row seats to one of Oregon’s premier country music festivals, the Oregon Jamboree in Sweet Home. That’s a good thing, because during that festival the Lottery’s finely tuned promotions team was busy putting on “one heck of a promotion” where you could sign up to win prizes, get Powerball® free play certificates and even step into a booth to for a chance to get additional prizes! Well, this was way too much to pass up for Laura and her husband so they dived right in and participated with a grin. Well, wouldn’t cha know it, she became our November Monthly prize winner, just for signing up. But that’s not all. She had the choice of three prizes and chose the iPad2, because it was financially prudent and her daughter could inherit her original iPad, which created good vibes and harmonious love within the entire family. Now that’s a sweet home!!

The Wait Is Over

Laurie Hov Laurie Hov of Milwaukie said she had been waiting for over a year for a new car. That wait is now over for Laurie after she became a $40,000 Mega Millions® Megaplier® winner. Laurie played a $2 ticket, choosing the Megaplier option, and selected her own numbers. She matched five numbers without the Mega Ball®, for a $10,000 prize. When the Megaplier “4” was drawn, Laurie’s prize was multiplied to $40,000.

Laurie enjoys playing Oregon’s Game Megabucks, Powerball®, Mega Millions, and Win for LifeSM. She often will choose Quick Pick to select her numbers, but this time she said she just picked random numbers that caught her attention. “They weren’t birthday or anything like that. They just looked good to me,” said Laurie. First on her “To Do” list was to purchase that new car.

Laurie joins recent winners from Milwaukie, including: Daniel Ford, $50,000 “Sky High Crossword” Scratch-itSM; Fred Jossi, $20,000 Thanksgiving RaffleSM; Cindy Thomas, $10,000 Platinum Series Video LotterySM; Peter Brown, $5,250 Keno; Jeffrey Carreira, $3,824 Keno; Benjamin Missler, $1,862 Oregon’s Game MegabucksSM; and Julian Duran, $1,000 “Cold Hard Cash” Scratch-it.

I’ll Have Turkey, With A Side Of Jo-Jo’s!

Tom Struzan Tom Struzan of Gresham was especially “thankful” on Thanksgiving, after becoming the Oregon Lottery®’s newest $1,000,000 RaffleSM winner. Tom checked in at the Lottery office in Salem on Nov. 23, the day after the drawing, to present his winning ticket. The winning ticket number was “233248.” Tom purchased his winning ticket at Hubbard 76 Station.

Tom, who had purchased a number of Raffle tickets, is a truck driver, and at first, didn’t remember purchasing the winning ticket at the Hubbard 76 station. He remembered a few places in the Portland area where he had bought tickets. Then the 76 station popped up because his brother, who he shared the prize with, had stopped in and picked up some Jo-Jo’s for lunch one day. “Now I remember,” said Tom, “The Jo-Jo’s place!”

Tom is the eighth winner of the $1,000,000 top prize, from the Lottery’s seven Raffles. In 2010, the Thanksgiving Raffle offered two, $1,000,000 winners. The Hubbard 76 Station received a $10,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket. Overall, Oregon Lottery Raffle players have won more than $10.4 million in prizes.

Payable To Me!

LeAnna One of the 10 words LeAnna uncovered on her $2 Camp Crossword Scratch-itSM ticket was “pay.” And that’s just what she did, when she discovered she was a $15,000 top prize winner. She took time to “pay” herself. LeAnna, of Hermiston, enjoys playing Oregon Lottery® games. She and a group of her friends at work have a routine where they purchase Scratch-it tickets to play on their lunch breaks. The understanding is, if anyone wins from their lunchtime purchases, they all share in the prize.

This was different. LeAnna had been off work for a few weeks, when she stopped in at J & D’s Food Mart, in Pilot Rock. While there, she followed another routine, where she will purchase a Scratch-it ticket every now and then, for herself. She purchased her “Camp Crossword” Scratch-it, and quickly discovered she was a $15,000 top prize winner.

Recent winners from Hermiston and Umatilla County include: Dustin Schock, $22,000 Special Keno; John Peterson, $3,796 Platinum Series Video LotterySM; Kathy Miller, $1,000 “Truly Epic Holiday Sweater” Scratch-it; Sloan Kimball, $986 Oregon’s Game MegabucksSM; and Tina Whitmore, $800 “flamingo Doubler” Scratch-it.

Going back to a special place

Jake and Ozlem Jenkins We couldn’t have scripted this! Jake and Ozlem Jenkins had just returned from their 4 year wedding anniversary celebration, when they got our email notifying them they had won the Aloha Scratch-itssm /Alaskan Airlines Hawaiian giveaway promotion.

Originally, they entered our monthly drawing promotion and answered our subsequent email blast promoting the Aloha giveaway. Guess who got married in the Hawaiian Islands? Guess who’s going back? That’s right, Jake and Ozlem are going back to Hawaii, only this time they get to see Oahu, one of the islands they haven’t seen.

Jake and Ozlem are giddy with excitement and wrestling with their next challenge: to coordinate time off together. All this, courtesy of the Oregon Lottery and our ongoing efforts to bring fun and exciting promotions to our players. Enter our monthly drawing and other promotions today for your chance to win great prizes.

He’s Been Here Before

Jerry Copeland Back in 2005, Jerry Copeland visited the Lottery to claim a prize he’d won in one of our promotions: the Scratch-itssm Vacation Giveaway. Well, he’s at it again. Jerry is the lucky winner of our Ink Scratch-itssm promotion and the proud recipient of $500 cash. Jerry said he was searching our Web site for promotions and opted in for the Ink promotion. Ever the Lottery Scratch-itssm promotions enthusiast, Jerry diligently checked his email more than once during the day of the drawing. That day, we informed him of his win at 4:00 p.m. and he responded back at 4:10 p.m. Only 10 minutes had elapsed. We’re not quite sure, but that might be a record time for a winner to respond to an Oregon Lottery prize notification. Keep up the Scratch-itssm enthusiasm Jerry, third time is a charm.


Melody Dopp That’s what Melody Dopp said when she realized she was the winner in our January surprise monthly drawing. Her prize was 10 St. Patrick’s Day Raffle tickets and 105 Powerball free plays.

“I called my daughter to help me verify my win after I received the notification and sure enough, it was the real deal from the Oregon Lottery,” Melody explained, “I was ecstatic.”

Asked how she entered the drawing, Melody said she was surfing our site for new promotions, spotted our monthly drawing banner and opted in for a chance to win prizes.

Melody plays Lottery games regularly and once a week gets together with a group of friends to pool money on Mega Millions® tickets. She’s expecting her first grandchild in April and told us that winning a prize from the tickets she won, would be a nice present for her family. Good luck Melody

Checking her numbers leads to $500 Monthly drawing winner

Brenda LeifermanIf Brenda Leiferman didn’t check her Keno numbers on the Lottery’s Web site, she might not have seen the monthly drawing banner and she might not have entered the drawing for a chance to win great prizes. Well, it’s a good thing Brenda checks her numbers on the Lottery’s Web site because she is our January monthly drawing winner and $500 richer. Brenda told us that she plays Lottery games regularly especially Powerball® and Oregon’s Game Megabuckssm and was so tickled to win, she immediately told her friends and convinced them that they should enter the monthly drawing. And they did.

Trail Blazer Fan Scores Off The Court

Jeff Lighthouse Jeff Lighthouse of Camas, Washington, settled into his seat to hopefully, watch the Portland Trail Blazers do some scoring. Little did Jeff know that he would be a top scorer himself.

Jeff, a Trail Blazer season ticket holder, scored big during the second quarter of the Blazer-Hornets game on Feb. 16. Jeff, 35, received a free $2 “Ink” Scratch-itSM ticket from the Oregon Lottery®, because he was sitting in the “Lucky Section” for that evening’s Oregon Lottery-Trail Blazers promotion.

After scratching his ticket, Jeff asked his dad if the free ticket was for real. His dad answered, “I think so.” Jeff responded, “Well. I think I just became an $8,000 winner.”

And he did. Jeff matched the winning number “30,” on his “Ink” Scratch-it ticket, and won the matching $8,000 top prize. He claimed his $8,000 prize at the Lottery office in Salem on February 17, making him the latest person to win big at an Oregon Lottery promotional event.

$8,000 “Ink” Scratch-itSM winner

Johnny Marsh We’re not sure if Johnny Marsh is running right out to get a new tattoo that says “Oregon Lottery Scratch-itSM winner,” but he certainly has the right to.

Johnny, 21, became the first $8,000 top prize winner in the Oregon Lottery®’s “Ink” Scratch-it game. “This is just so cool,” said Johnny, as he posed for his complimentary commemorative photo at the Lottery office in Salem on Jan. 13.

The Lebanon resident matched the winning number ‘48’ on his “Ink” Scratch-it ticket, and won the matching $8,000 prize. The popular Scratch-it game, based on the design of modern contemporary tattoos, has a total prize payout of more than $1.4 million, with prizes ranging from $2 to the $8,000 top prize.

Johnny, who said shopping for a new car is first on his list of things to do, couldn’t believe his eyes when he realized he had matched one of the winning numbers. He got ahold of a number of his friends, even sending a cell phone photo of his winning ticket to show that he was not kidding. Johnny says he plays Oregon Lottery Scratch-it games when the impulse hits him, and was drawn to the theme of the game.

Never Overlook The Junk Box Monthly drawing winner

Lora Holmes of Cave Junction, Oregon, is our November monthly “special” drawing winner but almost missed our e-mail notification. Lora told us that while she was looking up her Keno numbers on the Lottery Web site, she noticed the monthly drawing banner and couldn’t resist entering. “You have great prizes and it’s a snap to enter.” Well, she won the drawing but oddly enough she didn’t get her winners notification in her e-mail because the document went straight into her “junk” mail. Just by coincidence, she was searching for another document in her “junk” mail when she came upon our notification. “ I was lucky I was looking for another file, otherwise I would have missed it,” she said. “At least for awhile … then it would have expired.” Lora received $500 in Shilo Inn gift certificates and plans on using them to accommodate out-of- town guests for her daughters graduation in June.

A Little Birdie Told Him Monthly drawing winner

Kyle Kinney If it wasn’t for Twitter, Kyle Kinney may not have been our November monthly drawing winner. Kyle told us that the reason he opted in to our monthly drawing promotion was because he kept receiving our tweets, urging players to go to our Web site and check out our promotions page. Well, he did and he won. Kyle is our November winner and chose the $500 cash as his prize. Kyle, who plays Powerball and Raffle, was very excited to win and mentioned that he will keep listening when we tweet.

$1 Million RaffleSM Grand Prizes Claimed Within 30 Hours Of Drawing

In less than 30 hours, winners of both $1 million prizes from the Nov. 23, Thanksgiving RaffleSM , had paid a visit to the Lottery office in Salem to claim their prizes.

Andy Kim of Beaverton was calm and cool as he presented his winning ticket for what he thought was one of the $20,000 prizes, just hours after the drawing was held. He soon became excited, and a little nervous, when he was informed that he was holding one of the two winning $1 million tickets.

Kim purchased a total of 25 tickets for the Thanksgiving Raffle. His winning ticket was purchased at 7-Eleven #24242, at 11111 SW Capitol Highway, in Portland. The winning number for Kim’s prize was 171464.

Kim stopped at a Lottery retailer to check his tickets, and was informed by the clerk that he would need to go to Salem to claim his prize. The clerk said, “It must be a $20,000 prize because you always go to Salem for prizes of more than $600.” At the time, Kim, nor the clerk, checked the winning numbers for the $1 million prize.

It wasn’t until Kim arrived in Salem, and presented his ticket, that he became aware that he was a $1 million winner. “I couldn’t believe it,” said Kim. “I was on the phone with my wife, and had just told her I’d won $20,000.” Kim said he was going to wait and surprise his wife by showing her his oversized $1 million prize check, and his complimentary winner’s photo.

Kim, who has a young son and daughter, says his prize money will go toward paying off student loans, and fulfilling his dream of a bigger house for the family of four. He had purchased 25 tickets for both the 2010 St. Patrick’s Day Raffle, and the 2010 4th of July Raffle.

Loyd Fish of Rainier didn’t allow the demise of the heater in his car to stop him from making the cold-weather trip to Salem to claim his $1 million prize. “I just jumped into the truck and hit the road,” said Fish. “I plan on buying a new car now.”

Loyd Fish Fish was watching an afternoon broadcast of the Lottery’s Raffle drawing event, when he saw the two winning numbers for the $1 million prize. “I had to look at those numbers a couple of times,” added Fish. “It didn’t take much for me to see that I had one of those numbers.”

The winning number for Fish’s $1 million prize was 173042. Fish purchased his winning ticket at Skinny’s Texaco, in St. Helens. Fish, like Kim, had purchased tickets for the other four Oregon Lottery® Raffles. In addition to a new car, Fish says he’s going to pay off his house, and any other bills he can find.

Winning numbers for the other $1 million prize, twenty $20,000 prizes, and the two-thousand $100 prizes, can be found at .

The Lottery recommends that you always sign the back of your tickets with each Oregon Lottery game you play, to help ensure you can claim any prize you may win.

Good times at the Ultimate Rock Star Party

Ultimate Rock Star Party Recently, our Aerosmith second chance promotion winners returned from their amazing trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and their night out with rock sensation Aerosmith. Karie Oswalt, Finn Hagerty, Fred Hilfer and their guests all had a terrific time, but nobody summed it up quite as well as Karie, who graciously wrote this letter in appreciation of the evening’s events and the excitement of meeting her idol.

“We were treated like royalty...I still get tears in my eyes (happy tears) when looking back at that special night…I remember I kept saying (as I was bawling my eyes out) ‘these things just don't happen to normal people like ourselves’....But it did! And oh what great memories we will forever have!

Ultimate Rock Star PartyOur favorite part of the trip was getting to go through The Music Hall of Fame during the day and attend the "Ultimate Rock Star Party” with Aerosmith that evening. I had told my husband that I was almost positive that Steven Tyler would NOT be there due to the American Idol audition tapings going on. So needless to say, I was absolutely floored when we learned from Amber and Angela that they had flown him in on a private jet for this special event...

One of my favorite memories form the night will definitely be being able to stand next to, to hug, and to have my picture taken with Steven and Joey......WOW! WOW! WOW! What an INCREDIBLE memory of a lifetime!

I am truly blessed and grateful to have been a winner!”

Karie Oswalt

Medford Resident Claims $1,000 A-Week-For-Life Prize

Deryle House How does it feel when you win a $1,000 a-week-for-life prize? “Unbelievable!” “Excited!” “Shocked!” And more, according to Deryle House of Medford, as he claimed his top prize in the Oregon Lottery®s popular Win for LifeSM game.

Win for Life has three drawings per week, on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Players have the chance to win prizes ranging from $2 to the top prize of $1,000 a-week-for-life. House had purchased a ticket for advance drawings at the Purple Parrot #9, in Medford. His $12 ticket covered the Sept. 4, 6, 8, 11, 13 and 15 drawings.

In the Sept. 11 drawing, House matched all four numbers in the $1,000 a-week-for-life prize area on his ticket. The winning numbers were 44-50-71-74. House manually selected his own numbers, basing them on family birth years and dates. His winning ticket was one of 5,440 winning tickets from the Sept. 11 drawing.

House, 60, a retired United States Marine, says the prize will go a long way toward making life a little easier for him and his wife, Liz.

Portland Resident Claims $1,000 A-Week-For-Life, Win for Life Prize

James Jones of Portland became the Oregon Lottery’s second $1,000 a-week-for-life, Win for Life winner within 30 days, when he claimed his prize on Oct. 5. On Sept. 12, Deryle House of Medford claimed his $1,000 a-week-for-life prize.

Like House, Jones chose his own numbers, matching all four in the $1,000 a-week-for-life area of his $2 ticket. Jones won in the Oct. 2 drawing. The winning numbers were 3-7-12-14. Jones purchased his winning ticket at the Plaid Pantry #145, on SE Stark St., in Portland.

Jones was at a different Oregon Lottery retailer when he decided to check his ticket. The clerk told him he would have to go to the Lottery office in Salem to claim his prize. Jones says he was surprised and excited when he realized what prize he had won.

Jones, 67, chose the weekly payment plan and received his first weekly payment of $1,000, before state and federal taxes were withheld, in a special ceremony at the Lottery office. He says the big prize will make life a little easier for him. At the top of Jones’s list of things to do was to surprise his special lady friend with the news on her birthday, just a few days away. Would Jones be able to keep it a surprise that long? “We’ll see what happens,” laughed Jones.

Catch the Prize Winners!

Adam, Heidi, and Izzy. Catch the Prize Winners! Friday, October 8th in Salem, a 60-second visit into the Powerball®/Mega Millions® cash vault proved productive for three lucky Oregon Lottery players!

Heidi Biwer of Salem, Izzy Hillock of Central Point and Adam Steele of Wilsonville were drawn from over 12,000 entries for a chance to enter the cash vault for 60 seconds each to grab up to $1,500 in cash.

Here is the final tally for each of the contestants:

  • Heidi Biwer - $951
  • Izzy Hillock - $941
  • Adam Steele - $854

Her Turn In The Spotlight

Tiffany Apparcel Awhile back, Tiffany Apparcel of Springfield came in with a friend, when he won a big Scratch-it prize. At the time, she thought, “It would be fun to win a Lottery prize!”

Well, Tiffany got her turn to enjoy herself and have fun, when she paid a visit to the Lottery office in Salem with a winning $1,820 Keno ticket. Tiffany played her eight-spot Keno Multiplier ticket for 10 consecutive games at Rock N Rodeo Charros Restaurant, in Eugene. In the sixth game on her ticket, she matched seven of eight numbers for a $600 prize. By choosing to play the Keno Multiplier Option, Tiffany multiplied her enjoyment, fun and prize by three times, when the multiplier “3” was chosen. Her prize was increased to $1,800. Add a $20 prize from one of the other games on Tiffany’s ticket, and she was a $1,820 Keno Multiplier winner.

Hey! Don’t I Know You

Donna Johnson The first thing Donna Johnson thought of when she realized she was holding a winning Oregon Lottery® Keno ticket was, “Now I, know someone who won the Lottery!”

Donna, a Gresham resident, was pretty excited when she paid a visit to the Lottery office in Salem with her winning $7,671 seven-spot Keno ticket. “This is really a lot of fun! Wow! I never thought I’d get 15 minutes of fame – look at me now!”

Donna played five consecutive games, at $1 per game, at the M&M Restaurant & Lounge, in Gresham. In the first game on her Keno ticket, Donna matched all seven of her numbers, for a $5,500 prize. She also won a $2,171 seven-spot Keno Rolling Jackpot Bonus, giving her a total prize of $7,671.

Leaping To Conclusions

Russell Brooks Russell Brooks purchased two “Bullfrog Bingo” Scratch-it tickets. The first ticket he scratched was a non-winner. On the second ticket, the Beaverton resident first thought he had won $10. Well, he leapt to the wrong conclusion. A closer look by Russell and the clerk at Richards Deli and Pub, in Aloha, revealed that Russell had uncovered an “X” on his second “Bullfrog Bingo” Scratch-it ticket, and was an instant $10,000 winner. “Wow! Couldn’t believe it!”

Russell then jumped at the chance to call his girlfriend, get together with her, and check the ticket once again. Next was a trip to the Lottery office in Salem to claim his prize. After receiving his prize check, Russell headed to the “Winners Show Lounge” for his complimentary photo. Next, paying off some debts, and having some more fun.

Sunsets and Dachshunds

Ida Clark Ida Clark and her husband Rick live a picturesque life on the shores of Agency Lake not far from Klamath Falls. By picturesque we mean they love pictures and they take as many as they can of their pristine lake sunsets and their adorable Dachshund Muttlee. Rick also travels to some magnificent backwoods terrain and is an avid photographer. Ida has wanted to get him a new camera for some time, so Rick can continue documenting his hunting adventures. So when she started looking at new cameras, instead of buying one, Ida thought that it might be a better idea to win one. You see, Ida and Rick both play Lottery games and it just so happened that while surfing the Lottery Web site for winning numbers, Ida opted into the Mega-Millionizer video contest promotion. Why? The prize was a Canon EOS Rebel camera, just like the one she was looking for. Long story short, Ida won the video contest (with some help from Muttlee) and beaming with pride and joy, gifted the Canon Rebel prize to her husband. Now that’s a nice story. Send us a sunset picture Ida and enjoy the new camera Rick.

I’m One of Your Biggest Fans Monthly drawing winner

Dominick Kenney Dominick Kenney plays Lottery games with unbridled passion. “I love to participate in games,” says Dominick. “I go to the Oregon Lottery® Web site at least 3-4 times a week, searching for new games to play and promotions to enter. I’m an avid Scratch-itSM player and my wife and I both play RaffleSM and the big jackpot games.” Dominick’s dedication and enthusiasm for our products paid off as he is our September monthly drawing winner. Dominick chose the $500 prize money and already has a detailed plan on what he’s going to do with it. “$50 is going toward Thanksgiving Raffle tickets, $25 toward Powerball® and $25 toward Oregon’s Game MegabucksSM. The other $400 will be spent on my annual trip to California.’ Thanks for playing Dominick and good luck on future games.

Happy, Happy Valley Couple Win $15.4 Million Oregon’s Game MegabucksSMPrize

Oregon’s Game Megabucks Happy Valley, Oregon, became “Happy-Exciting” Valley, when Hanh Ly and Chinh Lieu became winners of the $15.4 million Oregon’s Game MegabucksSM jackpot prize in the Monday, Sept. 6, drawing.

Hanh and Chinh, a Happy Valley husband and wife, matched all six numbers on their $6 Quick Pick Oregon’s Game Megabucks ticket, to become winners of the 10th largest Oregon’s Game Megabucks prize ever won. The winning ticket, one of 9,424 from the Sept. 6, drawing, was purchased at Maddy’s, on SE 82nd Ave., in Happy Valley. Maddy’s will receive a retailer selling bonus of $100,000, for selling the winning ticket.

Hanh and Chinh split the prize right down the middle, with each staking claim to a $7.7 million prize. Hanh chose the 25 year annuity for her half of the prize. She received her first payment of $206,360 after state and federal taxes were withheld. Hanh will receive a $206,360 payment each year on the annual date of the drawing.

Chinh chose the cash option, which is a one-time cash payment equal to one-half of the advertised prize, or in Chinh’s case, one-half of his portion of the advertised prize. Chinh received a prize of $2,579,500, after state and federal withholding taxes.

Hanh and Chinh become the 226th and 227th Oregon’s Game Megabucks millionaires, since the game made its debut in 1985. Overall, Oregon’s Game Megabucks players have won more than $711 million in prizes.

Car Trouble Doesn’t Slow Down Portland Man From Claiming

Car trouble didn’t stop Portland resident Tracy O’Meara from getting to the Lottery office in Salem, just seven hours after the 4th of July RaffleSM drawing. O’Meara was there to claim his $1 million top prize from the drawing, held on July 1.

O’Meara received a call from a friend just after the morning announcement, asking him if he had checked out the winning numbers. O’Meara got his list of numbers, and started comparing. The tickets were in a sealed envelope, and O’Meara had written their numbers on the outside of the envelope. The winning number for the top prize was “195945.”

“When I saw the $1 million winning number, I thought it looked familiar,” said O’Meara. A closer look revealed that he indeed was the newest $1 million Raffle winner. O’Meara’s winning ticket was purchased at North Plains Chevron.

Next on O’Meara’s list of things to do was getting to the Lottery office in Salem, to pick up his prize. That’s where O’Meara’s sister, Shawn, played a big part. “My car had broken down, so I called my sister to get a ride,” O’Meara said. “I thought the drawing was actually on July 4. I wasn’t sure what he was talking about at first,” said Shawn.

O’Meara says a new car tops his list of what he has planned for his prize money. He also spoke of buying a home.

A complete list of all 1,011 winning Raffle numbers from the 4th of July Raffle drawing can be found on the Lottery’s Web site at Players can also check their Raffle tickets at any Oregon Lottery retail location.

Hmmm. This Could Be Fun

Reneé  Baker And fun it was, for Reneé Baker of Tualatin when she played Keno for the first time. Reneé won a $1,750 eight-spot Special Keno prize, after playing five consecutive games at the Lucky Deck, in Gresham.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Reneé, who just thought it would be fun to plan. Reneé picked her own numbers. “I like even numbers, and the number “2.” Reneé sprinkled her favorites with a couple of other numbers to form the winning combination. She matched seven of eight numbers in the second game on her Special Keno ticket. The winning numbers were 14-14-22-24-25-31-42.

Reneé says she intends to play Keno again. In the meantime, her prize money will help her enjoy a recently planned trip to Las Vegas, just a little more.

Keeping It Together

Keith Epps, Arthur Martinez, Eleazar Tellez, Stephen McLeod, Pat Duong, Jodi McFarland, Michael Dawkins, Henry Parsegian, Doug Nash and Marvin Duffy It can often be quite fun to do things with your co-workers and friends. Have lunch together, go out to a movie, have a bar-b-que or share a $10,000 Powerball® prize.

Ten members of the Maintenance Department at Tyco Electronics in Wilsonville, thought that sharing a $10,000 Powerball prize sounded like a great time. And it was. Keith Epps, Arthur Martinez, Eleazar Tellez, Stephen McLeod, Pat Duong, Jodi McFarland, Michael Dawkins, Henry Parsegian, Doug Nash and Marvin Duffy joined together to purchase a $5 Quick Pick ticket at Beavercreek Grocery.

Nine of the ten winners were present at the Lottery office in Salem to claim their prize. The 10th member of the group received their prize check by mail. Jodi, who purchased the winning ticket, said the group was looking forward to the day they were back at the Lottery office to claim their Powerball jackpot prize.

A Clean Car & A High Five

Rob Orahood Rob Orahood of Salem thought it was time to get the car washed. He also thought it was time to enjoy a little refreshment and Keno at the Los Arcos Mexican Grill, in Salem. Rob ended up with a clean car, and an $8,392 six-spot Keno Multiplier prize.

Rob played five consecutive games, and chose the Keno Multiplier option for each game. His $10 six-spot Keno ticket paid off in a big way when Rob matched all six of his numbers in the third game he played. That resulted in a $1,600 prize. Rob’s “high five” came when the Keno Multiplier “5” was drawn for the game, increasing the prize to $8,000. Rob also won a $392 six-spot Keno Rolling Jackpot Bonus, giving him a total prize of $8,392.

Dream On

Evan Winney Evan Winney may have felt like he was dreaming when he purchased one of the Oregon Lottery®’s popular “Aerosmith Dream On” Scratch-itsSM tickets. Not that just purchasing the Scratch-it ticket would make you dream, but, uncovering a $10,000 top prize just might.

Each “Aerosmith Dream On” Scratch-it ticket provides players with two “winning tracks” numbers. Players then try to match the winning tracks with any of the 10 “tracks” on their ticket. Evan matched the number “19,” which was the final number he scratched on his ticket.

An Uncomplicated Guy

Scott Beldon Scott Beldon of Aloha says, to him, playing Keno is not a very complicated venture. “I keep it pretty simple,” said Keith. “Sometimes I play the even numbers, 2-4-6-etc. and sometimes I go for the odd numbers like 3-5-7.”

Scott also plays a Quick Pick ticket, which is what he did at the Nonna Emilia Restaurant, in Aloha. Scott played five consecutive games with his six-spot Keno ticket, and matched all six numbers in the first game for a $1,600 prize. The addition of a $76 Keno Rolling Jackpot Bonus, and $2 from two of the other games on his ticket gave Scott his $1,678 total prize.

Scott is a regular Keno player, who also puts it on his list to get a Oregon’s Game Megabucks ticket now and then. He remembers when the Oregon Lottery had pattern play in Keno, and he won two $1,500 prizes, a week apart. “That was pretty good!”

Damascus represents in Cleveland!

Karie Oswalt Karie Oswalt is a true rocker from Damascus and come October 28, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland is going to feel her thunder as she and her husband blast into town to party with Aerosmith. “I’m a huge rock fan, I love Aerosmith and this is a ‘bucket list’ dream come true,” Karie exclaimed in her phone interview, “I’m just glad I’m young enough to actually do it!” Karie is the final recipient of the Aerosmith promotional giveaway and was beside herself with excitement as she could barely keep herself from jumping on a plane that afternoon. Karie told us she owes it all to her husband who saw a billboard advertising the Aerosmith Scratch-itSM and bought her a ticket. It wasn’t a winner but it lead to her entering the promotion on the Lottery’s Web site. Congratualtions Karie, enjoy that ‘bucket list’ adventure.

Déjà Vu All Over Again

“The best thing about winning the tickets to the Crosby, Stills and Nash (CSN) show was the opportunity to share with my grandson, the music I loved when I was younger,” said Debra Alder, our winner in the Crosby, Stills and Nash concert ticket giveaway. “My grandson and his girlfriend, our two neighbors and my husband and I, all had a blast. It was very special.” Debra and her husband Paul, like most winners, were very surprised and extremely excited to win the drawing. They’ve been CSN fans for years and really enjoyed sharing the experience with family and close friends. Both are frequent Lottery game players with Oregon’s Game MegabucksSM, Powerball® and Mega Millions® being among their favorite games. As for entering future promotions Debra replied, “Keep promoting bands like CSN and we’re in!”

Cleveland definitely rocks!

Fred Hilfer “For me there’s only one reason to go to Cleveland - to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and party with Aerosmith,” joked Fred Hilfer, the first of three winners in our Aerosmith rockstar party giveaway. “I’m still pinching myself. My wife and I are going and we’re definitely going to rock Cleveland, thanks to the Oregon Lottery® and Aerosmith.”

Fred is a long time Aerosmith fan who jumped at the chance to buy the band’s Scratch-itSM ticket. Afterward he immediately went to the Lottery’s Web site and entered the promotion for a chance to win the rockstar party with Aerosmith. Fred was amped after he read our winner e-mail notification and said the best part was telling friends and family that on October 28, “I’ll be hangin’ with the boys.”

Fred plays Lottery games frequently, his favorites being Powerball®, TrioSM and any type of Scratch-its. Asked what’s his favorite Aerosmith song he replied, “I like ‘em all.” Good thing Fred also got the Box of Fire collection as part of the prize package, now he has ‘em all.

Win like an Egyptian

Larry Robinson Larry Robinson is the $500 cash winner in our Video LotterySM $500 night out with Cleopatra Web promotion. Larry was surprised with the win, but commented that only a few short years ago he narrowly missed the Oregon’s Game MegabucksSM jackpot by one number, but still walked away with $1000. “I play all of the Lottery games. I was really impressed with how quickly the Lottery took care of me when I claimed. You guys really follow through with your promises and payments.”

Thanks Larry and maybe next time you’ll hit that last number.

Weekend plans include the cash! Monthly drawing winner

Lisa Van Lith Lisa Van Lith is our April monthly drawing winner and chose as her prize: the $500 cash. “I’ve got big plans for the holiday weekend and the cash is going to come in handy. Not that the Lady Gaga tickets and 102 Mega Millions® tickets weren’t attractive, it’s just that the money is going to fund my weekend fun,” Lisa explained.

That’s OK Lisa, take the cash and have a great holiday weekend. As for the rest of you, (and Lisa too) we have some great prizes lined up for May. Remember, once you’ve entered into the monthly drawing, you’re eligible for all other monthly drawings to win cash and other unique prizes. So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already entered this exciting promotion, go to our monthly drawing web banner on our games page and sign up!

This is too easy!

Finn Haggerty That’s what Finn Haggerty thought as he entered the Lottery’s Aerosmith promotional giveaway. “Who wouldn’t want the chance to party with a famous rock and roll band, especially when it’s free!” said Finn, our second winner of the rockstar party with Aerosmith at Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum promotion.

Finn said he entered the promotion because we made it visually interesting and incredibly easy to enter. ‘I was drawn in by the art work on the banner and all I had to do was give my e-mail address, kind of a no-brainer. I even forgot that I had entered. It was pretty cool to get the e-mail notification.”

Finn’s next big decision will be who he’s going to give the second Box of Fire CD collection to and invite with him to Cleveland. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a taker. After all, who wouldn’t want to party with Aerosmith?

Norman Smith of Boring

Norm Smith Norm Smith of Boring wasted no time once he arrived at the Oregon Lottery® office in Salem to claim his $20,000 St. Patrick’s Day RaffleSM prize. Norm arrived on March 23, presented his winning ticket, received his complimentary commemorative winner’s photo and then headed out with family and friends to the coast to celebrate his big win.

Norm’s winning ticket, one of the ten $20,000 prizes in the Raffle, was purchased at LT’s Pub, in Gresham.

Yahoo! Monthly drawing winner

Paula Moore That’s what Paula Moore exclaimed after she was notified as the prize winner of our March monthly drawing. Paula said that after a long day at work she was relaxing at home, checking her mail on Yahoo, when our chance to win $500 for a night out with Zeus and Cleopatra promotion banner caught her eye. She decided to click through and enter the promotion and even took a spin on the free Cleopatra demo game.

After opting in to receive communications from the Lottery, she was automatically entered into all monthly drawings for a chance to win fun and unique prizes. As luck would have it (and her husband says she is very lucky, winning contests all the time) Paula is the third prize winner in our monthly drawing.

She chose the $400 in Aerosmith Scratch-itSM tickets and a copy of Aerosmith’s “Box of Fire” CD collection (total prize value of $520). Dream on Paula!

It’s Time To Share For $9 Million Oregon’s Game MegabucksSM Jackpot Winners

Terry and Shanon Hamilton Terry and Shanon Hamilton decided equal partners was the way to go when they claimed their $9 million Oregon’s Game Megabucks jackpot prize on April 7.

The husband and wife team matched all six numbers on their $2 Quick Pick ticket in the March 20, Oregon’s Game Megabucks drawing, to become the Oregon Lottery’s 224th and 225th Oregon’s Game Megabucks millionaires. Their winning ticket, purchased at Dari-Mart #29, in Coburg, was one of 14,860 winning tickets from the March 20, drawing. The winning numbers were 2-3-4-10-12-24.

Terry and Shanon first presented their winning ticket at the Lottery office in Salem on Monday, March 22, just two days after the drawing. After presenting their winning ticket, and receiving documentation of their claim, the couple said they were going to take time to research financial planning and investments, before returning to receive their big prize.

Upon their return on April 7, the couple equally shared the prize. Terry and Shanon each received a prize of $4.5 million. Terry chose the Annuity Conversion Option for his $4.5 million half of the prize. He received the first of 25 equal annual payments in the amount of $180,000, before state and federal taxes were withheld.

Shanon chose the Investment Plan option for prize payment, which gave her a one-time payment equal to one-half of her $4.5 million share of the jackpot. Before state and federal withholding taxes, Shanon’s prize was at $2.25 million.

Fish on! Monthly drawing winner

Linda Thompson When Linda Thompson isn’t tying Steelhead jigs, or tending to one of her 20’x40’ greenhouses in Toledo, she has time to play Oregon Lottery® games. It’s a good thing Linda can find time to play games between tying lures and watering legumes, because she’s our 2nd prizewinner in our monthly drawing promotion. Linda, a frequent Powerball® and Oregon’s Game MegabucksSM player, said she regularly checks her numbers on our Web site and was enticed enough by our monthly drawing banner to click through and sign up.

“What the heck” said Linda, “It was too easy.” When we contacted her she said she did a “double take” on our e-mail and (after reading it through a couple of times) jumped for joy. She brought her best “buddy” Diana with her to pick up her prize (500 Scratch-itsSM ) and told us that she, her husband and Diana had their work cut out for them that evening, watching a little TV and scratching their hearts out! Good luck Linda and let’s hope you catch another big one.

Morning TV Watching Provides Raffle Excitement

Combs Just moments after watching the live broadcast of the winning number for the $1 million prize in the Nov. 24, 2009 Thanksgiving RaffleSM drawing, Ellie Combs of Lake Oswego called the Lottery office in Salem to say, “I think I have the winning ticket!”

Ellie proved she was right on target, when she presented her winning $1 million Raffle ticket for validation that afternoon. The winning number for the $1 million prize was 041283. Ellie purchased her winning ticket at Safeway #1047, in Lake Oswego. The winning number for the $1 million prize, the 10 prizes of $20,000 and the 1,000 prizes of $100 were revealed at 8:38 a.m., at a public media event held at the Oregon Lottery® on Nov. 24. Ellie was watching the live broadcast when the number matching her ticket was announced. “I thought I recognized the numbers. I was just hoping they were in the right order,” she said.

Summer Vacation Results in Big Prize

KinkadeA summer vacation in Gold Beach paid off in a big way, when Bill Kinkade of Nevada matched all six numbers in the Aug. 12 Oregon’s Game MegabucksSM drawing, for a $12.2 million Oregon’s Game Megabucks jackpot prize.

Kinkade chose the Investment Plan for payment, when claiming his prize at the Lottery office in Salem, on Aug. 17. The Investment Plan for payment gives the player a one-time payment equal to one-half the advertised jackpot. Kinkade received a prize of $6.1 million before state and federal taxes were withheld. Kinkade became the Oregon Lottery’s 222nd Oregon’s Game Megabucks millionaire. He purchased his winning ticket at the Crows Nest, in Gold Beach. His winning ticket was one of 14,815 winning tickets from the drawing.

Kinkade was on a fishing/camping trip with his wife in Gold Beach, when his wife took some time to do laundry. While his wife was busy with the laundry, Kinkade paid a visit to the Crows Nest to pick up some Oregon’s Game Megabucks tickets. Kinkade manually selected 10 sets of numbers. The winning numbers were 3-12-16-17-27-31.

Hey Mom! Look What I Got!

Megan Bartlett Megan Bartlett of St. Helens says she enjoys playing Oregon Lottery Scratch-itSM games as much as her mother does. “My mom plays all the time. She won $100 playing ‘RingoTM,’ and has been playing it since,” said Megan. Well, Megan’s mom pointed her in the right direction.

Megan got her own “Ringo” Scratch-it ticket, and after matching all the numbers on “Ring 1” of her ticket, she won a $1,000 prize.

Incomplete Sentence

Jeff and VanessaIf you were handed the words “trend,” “dozen,” “epilogue,” “doll,” “cob,” “pod,” “lobster,” “pet,” “sting” and “edge,” you might have a hard time coming up with a sentence that makes sense. If you found those 10 words on an Oregon Lottery Scratch-it ticket, as Jeff and Vanessa of Corvallis did, they might lead to a number of sentences.

Some of the sentences traveling through Jeff and Vanessa’s minds could have been: “This is great!” “This is unbelievable!” “This is fun!” and “This is exciting!” Especially when they realized they had uncovered 10 words on a “Super Bonus Crossword” Scratch-it ticket, and had become $25,000 top prize winners in the game.

Jeff and Vanessa joined the big club of Oregon Lottery Crossword theme Scratch-it winners who have won more than $65 million in prizes since the first Crossword theme Oregon Lottery Scratch-it game made its debut in 1999.

The Excitement Just Grew and Grew

Dave and DeborahWashington residents Dave and Deborah, can now find their names on the list of Oregon Lottery Powerball® winners, after claiming a $200,000 prize from the June 10 Powerball drawing. The Vancouver couple matched five of six numbers to become the 302nd Oregon Lottery winners of the Match 5 prize.

Dave and Deborah used the Quick Pick method to select five sets of numbers for the June 10 drawing, a $5 ticket. In the fourth set of numbers they matched all five white balls. The winning numbers were 15-26-27-42-58. The winning red Power Ball number, which they did not match, was 37. The winning ticket, one of 9,258 winning tickets for Oregon Lottery Powerball players in the drawing, was purchased at TJ’s Xpress, in Portland.

Dave said he recognized a couple of the winning numbers when he checked the results from the June 10 drawing. “Then I thought there were a couple of my other numbers there.” He wasn’t sure how much the prize was for matching five numbers, but it didn’t take long for Dave to realize he was a $200,000 winner. When he told Deborah, she told Dave to calm down until they were sure. Once she realized they were $200,000 winners, Deborah said the excitement just grew and grew. That excitement was apparent when the couple received their prize at a presentation at the Lottery office in Salem, on June 11.

To Doubt, Or Not To Doubt

Harold HickingbottomAfter moments of doubt and wondering, Harold Hickingbottom of Warren finally decided that he was, indeed, a $50,000 Win for LifeSM winner. “I think there’s always a little bit of doubt that you won,” said Harold. “I’m feeling pretty neat right now. It is really real. I won.”

Harold purchased his winning ticket at 7-Eleven #23153, on SW Murray Blvd., in Beaverton. He had his ticket for nearly a month before he had the opportunity to check it at one of the Lottery retailers.

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