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Security and Integrity Are the Lottery’s Top Priorities

The mission of the Oregon Lottery® is to operate with the highest standards of integrity and security to earn maximum profits for the people of Oregon commensurate with the public good. How the Lottery fulfills this mission involves participation from many divisions, one of which is comprised of law enforcement personnel. In Oregon, the Lottery relies on the talents and expertise of the Oregon State Police Lottery Security Section to independently protect the security, fairness, integrity and honesty of its games and operations. The Lottery Security Section also ensures that all Lottery gaming activities are conducted in accordance with all statutes, administrative rules, policies and management directives.

Job for the Oregon State Police
Detectives assigned to the Oregon State Police Lottery Security Section have, on average, over 20 years of experience conducting criminal investigations. The Lottery Security Section provides all security services including but not limited to:

  • Background investigations of all Lottery game retailers, Lottery vendors and Lottery contractors
  • Detection and investigation of crimes against the Lottery
  • Enforcement of the state prohibition on gray machines
  • Consultation and recommendations regarding gambling issues
  • Conduct Retailer Compliance Inspections on retailers throughout the state that have Oregon Lottery contracts

The Lottery Security Section also consists of the Lottery Security Program which handles facility security and Traditional games (Scratch-itsSM and draw games such as Oregon’s Game MegabucksSM, Keno, and Powerball®), and administers the Video LotterySM Program which oversees Video Lottery games.

Upholding Personal and Corporate Integrity
Another important responsibility of the Lottery Security Section is to conduct extensive background investigations of all potential Lottery vendors. Using undercover as well as announced inspections, the investigations examine the personal, professional, and financial history of each vendor for any impropriety, criminal wrongdoing or association with organized crime. The Vendor Investigation Unit ensures that all Lottery vendor background investigations are performed in a timely, thorough and efficient manner in order to meet the requirements of Lottery contracts. Background investigations allow for an evaluation by the Oregon State Lottery to determine competency, integrity, and true character of all vendors.

Scratch-it tickets are subjected to a battery of tests and security procedures from game concept development, through printing production, to Lottery warehouse delivery. To guarantee these tickets can’t be compromised in any way, special inks, chemicals and papers are used (as are computerized bar-coding systems) that enable the verification and validation of each ticket. As a result of these security measures, altered or forged tickets can be detected before payment is made. These systems also have been instrumental in identifying stolen tickets and in two different cases, have led to the arrests of murder suspects.

Video Lottery
Equally stringent levels of integrity testing are applied to the Video Lottery games. In addition to investigating the manufacturers' plants and the retailer establishments, Video Lottery terminals are under constant supervision. The computer chips for each terminal are inspected at four different points before they are installed, and each terminal is monitored 24 hours per day by a central computer system which tracks all transactions and interactions with the equipment.

The Oregon State Police ensure that all staff, equipment, and inventory are in a secure environment protected against any unauthorized entry or access. Surveillance cameras, key-pad entry locks, intruder alert devices and computer system safeguards are all part of the security regimen. In addition, Oregon State Police troopers and Lottery Security Specialists are onsite ready to respond to any breach of security.

A National Model of Security and Integrity
Thanks to this uncommon partnership with the Oregon State Police, the Oregon Lottery is considered a national model of integrity and security. Oregonians can be confident that Oregon Lottery games are fair and honest and that on-site security systems are in place to block any attempts at compromising those games. The Oregon Lottery’s mission–to operate with the highest standards of integrity–is a commitment shared by all of its employees and associates and put into practice with the guidance of the Oregon State Police Lottery Security Section.

Ensuring Fair and Honest Games
The Oregon State Police Lottery Security Section is responsible for ensuring every Oregon Lottery game played and every ticket sold has a fair and equal chance of being a winner.

Consumer Protection

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