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Lottery Players Soon to Have Free Chance at Millions

Oregon Powerball players have chance to get a free Mega Millions ticket for limited time


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May 3, 2013 - Salem, Ore. – As soon as the Powerball jackpot, currently $191 million, is won – anywhere in the US, not just Oregon – and resets to its $40 million starting level, Oregon Powerball ticket buyers can get a free Mega Millions ticket for a limited time.

Here’s how this new “buy one, get one” offer works. Once the Powerball jackpot is reset to $40 million, beginning the next day, when players buy a $2 or $3 Powerball ticket, they will get a free Mega Millions ticket. The offer is good only during the three to four days between Powerball drawings. For example, if the Powerball jackpot is won on Saturday, from Sunday at 5 a.m. until the next Powerball drawing on Wednesday evening, the buy one, get one offer is in effect.

“With past jackpots getting as high as $500 million, the ‘lower’ jackpot amounts like $40 million, are seemingly small to players,” said Lottery Assistant Director for Sales & Marketing Stacy Shaw. “This limited time offer is designed to showcase the lower, but certainly not small, jackpot levels and get players excited about playing for a chance to win any jackpot. After all, $40 million is still $40 million.”

Powerball drawings are every Wednesday and Saturday, at 7:59 PM. Players can buy Powerball tickets at any Oregon Lottery retail location until 7:00 PM on the night of the drawing, as well.

Results and additional details for Powerball and all Oregon Lottery games can be found on the Lottery’s Web site at

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