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Security Requirements

Contractor/Vendor Disclosure and Background Investigations

Every Lottery procurement is classified according to the degree to which a contractor may have access to secure and sensitive Lottery information, including materials or systems, which may affect the honesty, fairness, integrity, or security of the Lottery or any Lottery games. The factors used to classify a procurement or contract include, but are not limited to: The type of goods or services to be provided; access to and the potential risk to Lottery games technology or data; access to and the potential risk to Lottery financial systems; and the type of company involved.

Depending on the classification of the procurement, varying levels of vendor disclosure and background investigation are required prior to award of a Contract. Each solicitation document will state the classification of the procurement and will include the level of vendor disclosure and background investigation required. A successful offeror will be required to submit all information and disclosures required by the solicitation document and will be subject to investigation and approval by the Lottery prior to award of a contract.

Lottery Vendor Disclosure Rules are contained in OAR 177, Division 37 and can be viewed by clicking under Important Links.

Important Links

Oregon Lottery Statute, ORS Chapter 461

Oregon State Lottery Procurement Rules, OAR 177 Division 36

Oregon State Lottery Vendor Disclosure Rules, OAR 177 Division 37

Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN) website (Goods and Services bidding opportunities)

Office of Minority, Women and Emerging Small Business (Oregon certification application/information)

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