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Bidding Opportunities

Goods and Services

The Oregon Lottery® posts many of its solicitations for goods and services with an estimated total contract value greater than $150,000 on the State’s Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN) Web site and also posts many bidding opportunities for Goods and Services with a total estimated value of less than $150,000 on the ORPIN Web site. If you are not currently registered on the ORPIN Web site, you can do so by clicking on the link provided under “Important Links” and following the instructions on the Web site. Once registered, you can view and print bidding opportunities.

Although the Lottery does not keep a formal bidders list, procurement staff attend many trade shows throughout the year and collect business cards and line-card information from businesses interested in providing goods or services to the Lottery. We also invite you to send us information on your company and the goods and services you provide. The Lottery considers this information in its procurement of goods and services with a total estimated contract value between $0 and $150,000.

Lottery conducts its procurement processes according to the following thresholds:

Purchases with a total estimated value of less than $15,000

• A contract may be awarded in any manner deemed practical or convenient by the Lottery, including by direct selection or award.

Purchases with a total estimated value between $15,000 and $150,000

• A contract may be awarded after seeking three competitive price quotes or offers or as otherwise allowed under OAR 177-036

Purchases with a total estimated value exceeding $150,000

• A contract may be awarded after seeking three solicited competitive offers or as otherwise allowed under OAR 177-036

Important Links

Oregon Lottery Statute, ORS Chapter 461

Oregon State Lottery Procurement Rules, OAR 177 Division 36

Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN) website (Goods and Services bidding opportunities)

Office of Minority, Women and Emerging Small Business (Oregon certification application/information)

Contact Us

Oregon Lottery Procurement Office*
Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Mondays through Fridays, Pacific Time
Phone: (503) 540-1335 Fax: (503) 540-1334

*Due to the secure nature of the Lottery building, please call to schedule an appointment to meet with procurement staff, or call to speak with procurement staff.

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