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Why Pick the Oregon Lottery®?

Hear From Lottery Employees

Oregon Lottery® employees are a multi-cultural, diverse group of talented individuals. Who better to explain why you should make the Lottery your employment choice than the people who work here. Here are some employee responses to the question:

Why do you like working for the Lottery?

“I like working for the Oregon Lottery because it’s a fun job. There is always something new going on which creates challenge in my job and I love challenges. Plus we work hard to give back to Oregon.”

-Corporate Account Manager, Field Operations

From a big-picture standpoint, the Oregon Lottery is a billion-dollar-a-year enterprise that provides millions of dollars to help State programs like public schools, State parks, and the environment. Seeing the good things that Oregon Lottery dollars do and being part of making that happen is very rewarding. Narrowing the focus a bit, I love the people I work with. The energy and enthusiasm of working here makes it fun to come to work each day.”

-Communications Specialist, Public Affairs

“I like working with people who care about what they do. It’s a great feeling to know that you can help make a difference, whether it’s with your co-workers or with our Retailers.”

-Sales Specialist, Retail Sales Support

“I like working at the Oregon Lottery (Distribution) because it’s fast paced with new projects always coming up. Also, I like the relaxed environment I get to work in. But I like it most of all because I get to work with a lot of fun, dedicated, hard working people.”

-Distribution Specialist, Materials Management

“I don’t like working for the Oregon Lottery, I LOVE IT! The Oregon Lottery is the kind of place where you actually enjoy getting up in the morning and coming to work. Everyone is extremely friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help a fellow co-worker. I can’t imagine a better place to work!”

-IT Service Desk Analyst, Information Technology

“I like working here because I’m proud to be part of an organization that has such high standards of integrity, and successfully balances the needs of players and the State. Our employees are dedicated and work hard and I enjoy being part of such a great team!”

-Senior Financial Analyst, Finance & Accounting

“I like working for the Oregon Lottery for many reasons; however, I would say the opportunity and experience to have worked in several areas over the years would be a highlight. I feel fortunate for this, as it has given me the chance to see many aspects of how the Oregon Lottery works as a whole and given me an understanding of how the different departments correlate. Working here has allowed me to learn an entirely different field than my prior career, and I’m still learning new things all of the time, which is challenging and awesome!”

-Player Services Staff Member

“The Random House College Dictionary defines the word “friend” as “a person who is on good terms with another, a patron or supporter.” I define “friend” as someone I always enjoy seeing and talking to, whether that communication is work related or just about “what’s going on.” “I believe the word “friend” can be overused at times, but not in this case. I feel I have an unbelievable number of “friends” here at the Oregon Lottery and these “friends” are always willing to take the time to provide assistance when I need it, or to go out of their way to make my job just a little easier. Their personal and work-related friendships are much appreciated, and contribute greatly to why I enjoy working for the Oregon Lottery!”

-Winner Awareness Coordinator, Marketing

“I like the work in Information Technology; we are involved in a lot of projects. It is a very busy environment. The people here are great to work with (friendly, considerate, knowledgeable). The Oregon Lottery’s Data Center is a 24x7 environment and the staff does an excellent job in supporting the gaming system, the networks, and the retailers. We have fun while working hard to support the business needs. I’ve been with the Oregon Lottery for about 7 months and I am very happy I made the decision to come to work here!”

-Data Center Operations Manager, Information Technology

“I enjoy working for the Oregon Lottery because we directly help the Oregon Schools and the State by generating Oregon Lottery sales. As a Field Sales Representative I help retailers find the best way to sell our products to maximize revenue for Oregon.”

-Field Sales Representative, Retail Operations

“First and foremost it's the people. I've developed wonderful working relationships with many people at the Oregon Lottery over the years. They make the job more enjoyable, more challenging and more rewarding. From these working relationships I've made a lot of friends. Friends that I know I will have for the rest of my life.”

-Retailer Services Supervisor, Retail Operations

“Nine and a half years says a lot about the fun, friendships, and creative challenges I look forward to on a daily basis here at the Oregon Lottery. I feel like I have the best of both worlds, in that the Oregon Lottery fosters my creativity and recognizes that a good work/life balance is important. I love my job. I love my friends here at the Oregon Lottery, and I love the creative work I do.”

-Senior Designer, Marketing

“I enjoy working with dedicated, enthusiastic and creative people that put the 'fun' in the games! Even more, I like the high level of integrity and security that runs through every department and is emphasized and reinforced by the Oregon Lottery Director and Audit Committee.”

-Chief Internal Auditor, Director’s Office

“I like working at the Oregon Lottery because of the people, the worker bees. They work hard and work together. I have made many good friends here in all departments.”

-Administrative Assistant

“I like working for the Oregon Lottery for many reasons. I enjoy both my internal and external customers! The internal people that I have the privilege to work with are like no other agency I’ve worked for. I appreciate the amount of trust and responsibility that I have been given from management as well as others in this organization. I also enjoy the work that I do to benefit the people of the State of Oregon. I feel, as if I really have made a difference in the lives of people that I assist. I’ve been with the Oregon Lottery long enough now that I see previous people who I’ve assisted come back and apply for Oregon Lottery in another business. It’s kind of exciting to see them expand and know that in some small way the Oregon Lottery has helped them do so. I truly feel that my job is a perfect fit for me and that I couldn’t have tailor made it to suit me better!”

-Field Application Representative, Retail Contracts

“My job is great! I get to have fun and do good things for Oregon! How many people can say they get to develop games for a living and that the sales from these games help fund meaningful projects in Oregon!”

-Traditional Product Specialist, Marketing

“I like working for the Oregon Lottery because everyday I get to work with a great group of diverse people with positive attitudes doing good things for the State of Oregon.”

-Video Support Supervisor, Retail Operations

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